Trailer and Synopsis for Episode 23 “Veda Mektubu” (Farewell Letter)

The preview for Veda Mektubu’s (Farewell Letter) episode 23 has just been released. While Asl and Mehmet are severely affected by this news in the last episode, Selçuk and Mina’s rage is clearly evident. So, what exactly transpired on the 14th of August?

The 23rd episode of Veda Mektubu was shown on the screens of Kanal D. The show’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is widely believed to be based on a true story. This series, which revolves around the continuation of an unfinished story, will keep airing on Monday nights. After much anticipation, the preview for Episode 23 was finally published… What transpired in the sneak peek for Episode 23 of Veda Mektubu.

On Monday, August 14, the audience met with the 23rd episode of the series Veda Mektubu, which airs on Kanal D screens on Monday evenings. Curious viewers put the show, which was inspired by true events and featured well-known performers, at the top of their search results pages. Young actors like Rabia Soytürk and Emre Kvlcm, as well as seasoned pros like Nurgül Yeşilçay, Selim Bayraktar, and Bennu Yldrmlar, appeared in the new series produced by Most Production and directed by Gül Ouz.

In Veda Mektubu, Alanur and Ziya, whose childhoods were retold by their offspring, finally run into each other again. Alanur, portrayed by Nurgül Yeşilçay, is a strong and modern businesswoman, while Ziya, portrayed by Selim Bayraktar, is a businessman from Antakya. They went their separate ways by marrying the people their families had always wanted them to. From this union, Alanur welcomed two daughters. Asl, a 19-year-old dancing aficionado, will be the catalyst that brings her back together with Ziya. Ziya, on the other hand, wed Bennu Yldrm’s character Seher and had three children with her.

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An unfortunate event brings together Emre Kvlcm’s character, Asl, 19, who is married to Ziya and Seher and is well-known for her love of dancing and her rebellious views, and Mehmet and Rabia Soytürk’s characters, the favourite children and the couple’s eldest boys. This meeting marks the beginning of the rewriting of Ziya’s and Alanur’s unfinished narrative over their offspring. Ziya and Alanur do everything they can to prevent their children from forging their own paths in life.

Beste’s identity as Ziya’s daughter becomes common knowledge. Alanur visits Ziya and her daughters at their home. However, when Alanur’s condition worsens at home, he is rushed to the emergency room. Alanur finds that she is gravely ill and need immediate surgery. Alanur can count on Ziya’s help. The preview and synopsis for Episode 23 of Veda Mektubu can be seen below.

The revelation that Beste is a sibling comes as a huge surprise to the Snow people. Asl and Mehmet are shaken by the news, while Selçuk and Mina’s rage is growing by the second. Without any interest in remaining separate, Mina chooses to join forces with Hatice. The more away from home Selçuk gets, the more he misses his family. Alanur passed out on the way to giving Ziya the envelope Seher had given her, and Asl and Beste rushed their mother to the hospital.


While Alanur’s life appears to be on track after meeting the love of her life, a surprising challenge arises. Asl and Mehmet work hard to keep the peace at home despite the challenges they face. Despite the recent harsh days, a massive wedding is conducted in the snowmen’s yard. Someone will be happy, and someone will be sad, because of this wedding.

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