The Release Date for ‘Aşka Düşman’ (The Enemy of Love) Has Been Revealed!

Get ready for the exciting new Turkish series, ‘Aşka Düşman’ (The Enemy of Love)! When can you watch ‘Aşka Düşman’? This series carries the motto, ‘Some swear by their love, while others swear to be enemies of love…’

TV8 is set to bring you a unique story of love with ‘Aşka Düşman,’ which revolves around the impossible love story of İnci, who was raised by a mother who despises love, and Uygar. The first trailer for TV8’s upcoming series, ‘Aşka Düşman,’ featuring talented actors like Nazan Kesal, Buse Meral, and Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, has just been released. Stay tuned, as this series will soon grace your screens.

Aşka Düşman
Image Via @TV8

The countdown has begun for the premiere of ‘Aşka Düşman’ on TV8. Directed by Mesude Erarslan and written by Eylem Canpolat and Ozan Aksongur, the series is already generating excitement among viewers. The first promotional trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.

‘Aşka Düşman’ Plot:

A new series is about to make its mark on the television landscape. Filming for ‘Aşka Düşman‘ has recently begun after successful script reading rehearsals. This series delves into the challenging love story of İnci, who was raised by a mother staunchly opposed to love, and Uygar. It’s a tale of a mother and her three daughters who stand as adversaries of love. Nazan Kesal takes on the role of the mother, while the three sisters are portrayed by Buse Meral (İnci Neva), Merve Nur Bengi (Mahur), and Esra Ruşan (Feraset).

‘Aşka Düşman’ Broadcast Channel:

The series ‘Aşka Düşman,’ which is set to be shot in Izmir, Istanbul, and Bursa, will be aired on TV8. The series is produced by Acun Medya, directed by Mesude Erarslan, and written by Eylem Canpolat and Ozan Aksungur.

‘Aşka Düşman’ Cast:

The show features a talented cast, including Nazan Kesal, Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, Buse Meral, Ebru Aykaç, Merve Nur Bengi, Bedia Ener, Barış Aytaç, Esra Ruşan, Bihter Dinçel, and Sermet Yeşil. Stay tuned for this exciting series!

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