Yabani (The Wild), a Fox TV Series: Premiere Date And Location

The new Fox TV series “Yabani (The Wild)” has an official release date! Where Is It Being Filmed? Tuesday, September 12 at 20.00 on Fox TV will feature the Yabani series that NTC Medya signed! The television show “Yabani” is still filming nonstop. On September 12, the first episode of the series, starring Osman Alkaş, … Read more

Yabani (The Wild): Turkish Drama, Episode 1


Is the trailer for Yabani (The Wild) episode one available? When will Yabani’s debut episode air? What transpires in Yabani’s September 12th episode? The first teaser for the Yabani series, which stars Simay Barlas and Halit Özgür Sarı, has been made public. The Yabani series, which will debut on Fox TV screens, is a subject … Read more