Safir Episode 12 (The Sapphire): Trailer And Summary

The latest trailer for the 12th episode of Safir has just been unveiled. In the concluding moments of the previous episode, Ateş proposes a collaboration with Ömer, Yaman, and Okan after subjecting his grandfather to a challenging test. So, what unfolds in the upcoming episode on November 20?

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Safir made its mark on the screens with its gripping 10th episode. Viewers eager to discover the developments in the new episode are diving into Safir episode 10. Access the ATV and Safir’s new episode trailer link along with a recap of the last episode for more details.

Broadcasted on ATV screens every Monday, Safir captivates its audience with the 12th episode. Following the recent ATV broadcast, enthusiasts are fervently searching for the new trailer to get a sneak peek into the events of the 12th Safir episode.

In the concluding scenes of the last episode:

  • Yaman learns about Feraye’s pregnancy but questions whether the child is his own. Simultaneously, Aleyna, exhausted by Yaman’s indifferent demeanor, suspects the presence of another woman in his life. Guided by Cemile, she decides to conceive a child with Yaman, only to face rejection when she approaches him.
  • Ateş professes his love to Feraye, met with an unreciprocated sentiment. This rejection prompts Ateş to piece together some perplexing thoughts. Is Feraye’s ex-lover and the father of her baby none other than Yaman? Complications arise at the company when Ateş challenges his grandfather and proposes collaboration with Ömer, Yaman, and Okan. Yaman, suspecting Feraye’s motives, agrees to his grandfather’s proposal. The power struggle intensifies between Yaman and Ateş. Meanwhile, Bora’s recovery brings joy, leading to anticipation about his next moves after returning home.

Safir (The Sapphire) Episode 12 Summary:

Stay tuned for the episode airing on November 20th. Thank you for returning to join us.

ATV’s groundbreaking series Safir continues to make waves. Starring İlhan Şen and Özge Yağız, the 12th episode trailer promises more intrigue. Episode 12 is set to premiere on November 20.

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