Promo and Synopsis for Episode 9 of Vermem Seni Ellere

Vermen Seni Ellere has returned with its 9th episode. Zeliş, who had just spared Mehmet from being burned, was reunited with him in the final scene and chose to sacrifice himself in the flames of love. When the episode airs on August 13th, what will happen?

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The preview for Episode 9 of Vermem Seni Ellere is now available. Take a look at the preview for the next “Vermem Seni Ellere” episode of One Piece on ATV. The eighth and last episode of the Vermem Seni Ellere series, shown on ATV screens, replaced the previous programming. Those that finish the series and are interested in finding out what happens next can do so by watching the Vermem Seni Ellere episode 9 preview. Check out the new Vermem Seni Ellere episode preview and learn more about the show.

With its final episode, the series “Vermem Seni Ellere” officially took its place in front of the camera. Those who have seen the most recent episode of the show may want to view the teaser for the upcoming ninth episode of Vermem Seni Ellere to get a sneak peek at the new content and keep reading. Here is the preview for the next episode and a recap of the last one:

What does the last episode entail?

Zeliş is devastated to learn about Mehmet and Hande’s engagement. But she secretly hopes it’s not true. She goes to Turgut’s house in search of the truth. On the other hand, she has a horrible shock awaiting her at home. Zeliş learns a shocking discovery that makes her question everything that has happened to her.

All of Zeliş’s optimism for Mehmet is extinguished with a single sentence from Hande. Zeliş has decided to put Mehmet out of her mind for good. Despite this, Mehmet has no plans to move away from Zeliş. He breathes with Zeliş when the birds tell him she still loves him. At the end of this job, Zeliş tries so hard to get rid of Mehmet that he almost throws him into the fire.

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