Gaddar (The Wicked) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Ay Yapm will shoot the TV series “Gaddar” for FOX, and ayatay Ulusoy will make an appearance, as reported by journalist Birsen Altuntaş. Written by Hürer Ebeolu and directed by Sinan ztürk (‘Pit’, ‘Üç Kuruş’), Ulusoy will play the lead role of a young man named ‘Levet’ in the next series.

Gaddar (The Wicked)
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The Wicked: A Synopsis of Gaddar

Hürer Ebeolu, who has written for shows including Kaçak and Dila Hanm, will pen the show’s script. The dark series will tell an exciting family saga.

Performers in Gaddar (The Evil).

It has been confirmed that Aras Bulut ynemli and aatay ulusoy would play the lead parts in the series. The likes of Aytaç Uşun and Uur Yldran will almost certainly make an appearance.

When will Gaddar (The Wicked) be out?

In September of 2023, viewers of FOX television sets may expect to be introduced to the Gaddar series. There is still no official trailer for the show out there.

The Wicked’s Song of Gaddar

With the help of the recently departed master artist Erkin Koray’s song “Gaddar,” the story of “Levent, who left his loved ones and family behind and went to the army, turns into a cruel man as a result of finding himself in the events that he never imagined on his return,” will be brought to the screen.


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