Episode 9 Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone): Trailer And Summary

The latest trailer for the 9th episode of Kanal D’s series Dilek Taşı (The Wishing Stone) is now available! In the upcoming episode, Figen remains unconvinced despite being ignored by Ömer and Asuman. What unfolds on November 9th?

Exploring the New Dilek Taşı Episode

Audiences eagerly anticipate the latest episode of Kanal D’s series Dilek Taşı. This series, featuring Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşı, and Ozan Dolunay, has captivated viewers with its engaging storyline. In the previous episode, Macide, upon learning that Mustafa remains at large, hastily kidnaps Cemre and Sinan from the mansion. Devoted fans of the series immediately began searching for a way to watch the 8th episode on Kanal D’s screen.

The Stage is Set

As the broadcast of Dilek Taşı episode 9 on Kanal D approaches, viewers are gearing up for another thrilling installment. This series, starring Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşı, Ozan Dolunay, Perihan Savaş, and Özge Özberk, has kept audiences on the edge of their seats. Mustafa, who discovers that Sinan is unwell and Cemre needs an organ transplant, can no longer conceal his true identity. He confronts Harun Rona, asserting that he is Cemre’s father. Those who missed the previous episode or wish to revisit it have started their quest to watch Dilek Taşı episode 9 on Kanal D.

The Unfolding Drama

As Mustafa and Figen face the risk of being captured by the gendarmes, they narrowly escape due to a distraction caused by students in the square. Mustafa, now unable to hide his real identity, assumes a false one with the aim of reuniting with his daughter and escaping abroad. Macide, upon learning that Mustafa remains at large, panics and hastily abducts Cemre and Sinan from the mansion. Her father, witnessing Efkan’s brutal confrontation at the agency, launches a retaliatory raid on the Ronas’ house. How will he exact his revenge?

Figen’s Pursuit

Meanwhile, Figen overhears suspicious conversations concerning her own identity, prompting her to interrogate her parents. Despite being ignored by Ömer and Asuman, Figen remains unconvinced. The truth about Figen’s lineage comes to light when she discovers the birth certificate that Macide has concealed. Will Figen uncover the secrets surrounding her true identity?

Dilek Taşı Episode 9 Summary

Stay tuned for the next episode, airing on November 9th. Thank you for your continued support…

Kanal D’s captivating new series, Dilektaşı, is set to return with its ninth episode. The show, renowned for its talented cast, will air on Thursday, November 9th, at 20:00 on Kanal D!

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