Episode 2: Sakla Beni (Hide Me) (Trailer And Summary)

The latest trailer for the second episode of Sakla Beni (Hide Me) is here! As the episode unfolds, Incila’s heart is pierced by the news of Naz’s wedding, despite her attempts to show happiness. What transpires in the episode on November 9th?

Star TV’s captivating series, Sakla Beni, is making waves with its talented cast and gripping storyline. This production promises to deliver a high-tension love story featuring both emerging stars and seasoned actors. Sakla Beni is creating a buzz with its plot, cast, teasers, and premiere date. The anticipation is building for the series, which is set to grace our screens every Thursday. So, who are the stars of Sakla Beni, and where was it filmed?

The Sakla Beni series makes its debut this week, accompanied by teaser trailers that showcase the talents of Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Cemre Baysel, and Asude Kalebek. The ever-complicated relationship between Mete, Naz, and Incila will be the focal point for viewers. With its intriguing storyline, the first episode is eagerly awaited. Who are the actors in Sakla Beni, and where was it filmed? All the details are right here.

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Created by OGM Pictures, directed by Nadim Güç, and penned by Armağan Gülşahin and Nergis Otluoğlu Akoğlu, the premiere episode of Sakla Beni is set to grace the screens of Star TV on the evening of Thursday, November 2. Here’s the story and cast of the series:

Mete and Naz are the darlings of their affluent and influential families, accustomed to having their desires fulfilled. Their story, stemming from a childhood promise made by their families, is now progressing toward marriage. However, the sudden appearance of Naz’s lifelong servant, Incila, makes Mete question all the decisions he’s made. Can this encounter between Incila and Mete steer the story Naz has stubbornly penned into a different direction, leading Mete to discover true love?

In The Final Episode:

The day Naz has long awaited, her childhood dream come true; Mete’s return from abroad for their wedding. Both families are in a state of great anxiety, with one exception, Incila. Incila serves as Naz’s right hand and her emotional outlet in life. These two have grown up together, practically inseparable, sharing a deep love in their hearts. Despite her attempts to share in Naz’s happiness, the news of the wedding cuts into Incila’s heart like a dagger. Life, however, has prepared a test for this trio that is more challenging than Incila could ever have imagined. She will soon discover that the pain she’s experiencing is just the beginning.

Sakla Beni Episode 2 Summary:

The series continues on November 9th. We appreciate your visit…

Star TV’s highly anticipated new series, Sakla Beni Episode 2, will air on Thursday, November 9, at 20:00.

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