Dilek Taşı Episode 8: New Release and Trailer Update!

When can we expect Dilek Taşı episode 8? Has the latest trailer been unveiled? What’s the airtime for the new episode of Dilek Taşı? Is it airing tonight?

KANAL D’s hit TV series, Dilek Taşı, is set to grace our screens with its 8th episode on Wednesday. For those eager to catch the series live, when is Dilek Taşı Episode 8 dropping? Has the trailer made its debut? When is the scheduled broadcast for Dilek Taşı? Fans are on the hunt for these answers.

Dilek Taşı is a regular Wednesday night feature on KANAL D. The 1st Trailer for Dilek Taşı Episode 8 is out! So, when’s the premiere of Dilek Taşı’s new episode (Episode 8)? Has the trailer hit the scene? When’s the scheduled airtime for Dilek Taşı? Here are all the details.

The beloved series Dilek Taşı keeps Kanal D viewers entertained every Wednesday. Fans eagerly awaiting the new episode are fervently searching for the trailer. Dilek Taşı’s fresh episode will be broadcast on Kanal D every Wednesday at 20:00. The trailer is now live on the series’ YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

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Kanal D’s cherished series, “Dilek Taşı,” maintains its Wednesday evening rendezvous with loyal viewers. The anticipation builds as fans wonder about the showtime. “Dilek Taşı” will continue to grace Kanal D’s screen every Wednesday at 20:00, making it a must-watch episode for devoted fans.

Who Comprises the Dilek Taşı Cast?

  • Salih Bademci
  • Hazal Subaşı
  • Ozan Dolunay
  • Elif Doğan
  • Özge Özberk
  • Perihan Savaş
  • Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı
  • Çiçek Dilligil
  • Engin Yüksel
  • Afra Karagöz
  • Lena Naz Kalaycı
  • Ömer Toprak Yılmaz

What’s the Plot of Dilek Taşı?

Dilek Taşı is a story set in the 1980s, revolving around Mustafa, a man in his early thirties striving to make ends meet in Istanbul’s slums with his wife Canan and their daughter, Cemre. Canan is battling a relentless illness and urgently requires surgery. However, Mustafa is clueless about how to secure the necessary funds. The factory where he works has been shut down due to a prolonged lockout. Mustafa, who had never compromised his principles before, now has no option but to seek help.

He embarks on a journey to find Yakup Bey, the factory owner, to claim the unpaid wages, with the hope of funding his wife’s surgery. Little does he know that this day will reshape the lives of Mustafa and his daughter Cemre in unforeseen ways.

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