Dilek Taşı Episode 7: Trailer and Summary

The eagerly awaited trailer for the 7th episode of the Kanal D series, “Dilek Taşı Episode 7” (The Wishing Stone), has been unveiled. In this upcoming episode, Figen and Mustafa take the daring step of kidnapping Cemre from the institution. What unfolds in this gripping episode, airing on October 19th?

Dilek Taşı Episode 7

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Be sure to watch the brand-new 7th episode trailer of “Dilek Taşı Episode 7″ and join us in speculating about the events to come on Kanal D. The series first graced Kanal D screens with its 5th episode, and viewers who watched the last episode are eagerly anticipating the new episode’s release. Their anticipation is only heightened as they delve into the details presented in the 6th episode trailer of “Dilek Taşı.” Continue reading for the link to watch the new episode trailer and a recap of the events from the previous episode.

The “Dilek Taşı” TV series, broadcast on Kanal D, recently unveiled its last episode, leaving fans hungry for more. Those eager to catch a glimpse of the new episode continue to search passionately for clues by analyzing the 7th episode trailer of “Dilek Taşı Episode 7.” Below, we provide you with the link to watch the new episode trailer and a brief summary of the last episode.

What happened in the last episode?

In the previous episode, Omer was taken aback when he spotted Kenan, Figen, and Mustafa together. Many questions swirled in his mind. Who was this mysterious man, and what was he doing next to his fiancée, Cemre? Kenan held Figen and Mustafa accountable for their actions, but Ömer unexpectedly intervened. Meanwhile, Rüçhan grew increasingly uncomfortable with Cemre’s presence in the mansion and made a shocking decision—to relinquish her. He left Cemre at a child welfare institution, declaring that they no longer wanted her. This shocking news sent shockwaves throughout the mansion.

Mustafa was consumed by anger when he learned that his daughter had been sent back to the institution. In a desperate move, Figen and Mustafa decided to kidnap Cemre from the institution, but they found themselves in a precarious situation with nowhere to turn. They sought refuge in Mustafa’s old neighborhood. Just as Mustafa was reuniting with his daughter, and relief began to wash over him, their precarious situation took a dire turn when the police descended on them. Figen was arrested, and Mustafa was forced to part with Cemre once again.

Dilek Taşı Episode 7 Summary

The suspense is building, and Dilek Taşı Episode 7 will air on October 19th. We thank you for your continued support as we delve into this captivating storyline.

Kanal D’s new period drama, “Dilek Taşı,” continues to capture the attention of viewers. With an intriguing cast and an engaging plot, Episode 7 is set to premiere on Thursday, October 12th, at 20:00 on Kanal D! Don’t miss out on the latest twists and turns in this thrilling series.

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