Bambaşka Biri (Another Person) Turkish Drama Role Cast

In Bambaşka Biri (Another Person), who plays the lead roles? Who are they, really? As soon as possible, please release Bambaşka Biri.

The announced players number one. Cem Davran, Gülçin Hathan, Feridun Düzaaç, Asl Orcan, and Uur Uzunel will join Hande Erçel and Burak Deniz in the cast of Bambaşka Biri, which will be shot by Tims&B Yapm for FOX TV.

The TV show “Bam Başka Biri” will reveal the secret and thrilling narrative of Leyla, a young and patriotic prosecutor, and Kenan, a television star whose moods are constantly shifting. Bambaşka Biri’s director is Neslihan Yeşilyurt. The series, penned by Ethem zşk, will grab viewers’ attention with its compelling plot. The premiere episode will air on September 11th.

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Bambaşka Biri’s Ensemble

Bambaşka Biri (Another Person) Roles Played by Actors
Leyla, played by Hande Ercel

On November 24th, 1993, in Balkesir, Turkey, Hande Erçel entered the world. The stunning actress, now in her thirties, completed her training at Mimar Sinan University’s acting program in 2023. Hakan Sabanc is presently dating the 176-centimeter tall, 50-kilogram Hande Erçel. One of the most well-known figures of the recent past, Erçel has starred in numerous TV shows, including Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, Siyah nci, Halka, Sen al Kapmi, and Azize.

Prosecutor Leyla is a highly accomplished professional. Leyla was promoted to Istanbul after beginning her career in Muş. Leyla’s first task after moving to Istanbul with her family is to look into the death of a well-known businessman. The dead body in the woods will force Kenan, the courier, and Leyla, the prosecutor, to meet each other.

In the role of Kenan Ozturk, Burak Deniz

The 17th of February, 1991 found Burak Deniz being born in Izmit. The dashing actor, who will be 32 in 2023, stands 182 centimeters and weighs 77 kg. After finishing up at 18 Mart University and taking some acting classes, the actress quickly made her debut in the TV shows Maraşl and Yarm Kalan Aşklar. The actor has appeared on Tatl Küçük Yalanclar, Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, and Bizim Hikaye and is in love with Deniz Büşra Develi.

Kenan Ozturk is a well-known and respected TV reporter who frequently goes against the norms he himself sets. When a wealthy businessman is found dead in the woods, everyone’s favorite screen messenger, Kenan, rushes to the spot to investigate. Here, he meets Leyla, the public prosecutor looking into the crime.

Turan Ozturk, portrayed by Cem Davran

Cem Davran, an actor who has appeared in films like Aşkn Tarifi, Yarm Kalan Aşklar, and Kardeş ocuklar, was born in Istanbul in 1964. The 59-year-old actor graduated from Yldz Technical University’s Electrical Engineering program and has since performed in Istanbul City Theaters. The player, who is 177 centimeters tall and weighs 58 kg, will bring Turan ztürk to life in the series.

Kenan’s father, Turan Ozturk, is proud of his son’s success on TV but is very troubled by him.

Ahinde, played by Gulcin Hatihan.

On December 21, 1972, in Istanbul, Turkey, Gülçin Hatan entered the world. Today marks the first day of acting classes for the 51-year-old actress, who enrolled at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. The actor has participated in a number of Turkish television series before becoming known for his portrayal of Passion in the European European series. These include Gül Masal, Hercai, Mahkum, and ukur. Leyla’s mother’s name is ahinde.

Dzagac Feridun

Adana, Turkey is the site of Feridun Düzaaç’s birth on October 10th, 1968. He earned a degree in business administration from the Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at ukurova University. The thriving soloist is the singer behind hits like “Beni Brakma” and “Lavinia,” and she continues to perform while in school.

Nuray, portrayed by Polen Emre.

In 1991, Polen Emre entered the world in Adana. The 175cm tall, 54kg heavy athlete attended and graduated from the Istanbul Plato School’s Radio and Television Department. Polen Emre Tetik was first introduced to viewers as Fadik in the Turkish television series Bir Zamanlar ukurova. Aunt Nuray is called Leyla.

To portray Nukhet, Asli Orcan

On May 27th, 1980, Asl Orcan was born in Aydn. The footballer is 179 centimeters tall and will be between the ages of 43 and 43 in 2023. The actress has appeared on Darmaduman, Sadakatsiz, Medcezir, Kahraman, and Baba. She is a graduate of the Cinema and Television Department of the Ekol Drama School. Kenan reports to Nükhet, the channel boss.

Tahir, portrayed by Ugur Uzunel.

Uur Uzunel was born on November 12th, 1988 in Izmir; he plays Leyla’s brother Tahir in the TV series “Bambaska Birri.” The actress, who is currently 35 years old, attended Dokuz Eylül University and majored in acting through the Faculty of Fine Arts. Afili Aşk, Masumlar Apartman, and Sfrnci Gün are only a few of the movies in which Uur Uzunel has appeared.

M. Muttalip Müjdeci

Yozgat-born actor Muttalip Müjdeci has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including Uyanş Büyük Selçuklu, Magarsus, Anadolu Leopar, and Koyun. The player’s height and weight are both indicative of the Anatolian character.blank

Gulcin, portrayed by Kardelen Arnavutoglu.

The office of Deniz Dalgç employs Kardelen Arnavutolu. The actress, who has been working in theaters for the past decade and a half, will bring Gülçin to life in the Bambaşka Biri TV series. The journalist Gülçin has feelings for Kenan.

We begin with Begum Akkaya.

On February 8, 1991, in Istanbul, Turkey, Begüm Akkaya entered the world. The average 32-year-old player in 2023 is 160 centimeters tall and weighs 47 kilograms. She received her diploma from the theater department of Istanbul University’s State Conservatory. She has appeared on Muhteşem Yüzyl, Ad Zehra, and Aşk ve Gurur, among other shows.

Dr. Berrin Arisoy

In Ankara on July 22, 1970, Berrin Arsoy entered the world. The actor studied at Ankara University and has appeared in several shows, including Kaderimin Yazld Gün, Dinle Sevgili, and Kvlcm. He graduated from the Department of Theater.

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