Aşka Düşman (The Enemy of Love) Synopsis of the Turkish Drama and its Star-Studded Cast

The Enemy of Love, or Aşka Düşman, has garnered a lot of attention recently. The cast includes… When will the series premiere, and on what channel?

Aşka Düşman

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We’ve started this thread so that people can discuss the names of the people who will be appearing in the Aşka Düşman series as production continues. Tell me about the show’s male and female protagonists in the new series Aşka Düşman. Can you give me a brief summary of the new show? Everything there is to know about this subject will be passed along to you.

Aşka Düşman is a new television series directed by Mesude Eraslan Tekin and written by Eylem Canpolat and Ozan Aksungur. The identity of Aşka Düşman, one of the show’s female leads, has been revealed. Male and female leads are still being cast. Aşka Düşman, the new TV series starring Nazan Kesal, is available now.

A new TV series starring Nazan Kesal has been unveiled. TV8’s “Aşka Düşman” has Kesal’s blessing, thus the show can air. Nazan Kesal has been cast as the lead in the upcoming TV8 drama ‘Aşka Düşman’, created by Acun Medya. The series will star the actress as Bahriye.

Analyzing Aşka Düşman

TV8 will air the Aşka Düşman serial. The upcoming season’s focus has not been revealed just yet. Our coverage of the Aşka Düşman series will grow as more details become available. Who would you like to see in the upcoming show’s cast? Put your ideas and feedback down on paper.

As Bahriye, Nazan Kesal performs.

In the show Aşka Düşman, Nazan Kesal made the first deal of any of the actresses. In the show Aşka Düşman, Nazan Kesal portrays a member of the Navy. Nazan Kesal, who was born in Manisa in 1969, earned her BFA in theater acting from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University. Many theater companies used him. He was an employee of the State Theater. She attended the film school at Beykent University and graduated with an M.A.

She has appeared in Delibal, Kardeşim Benim, and Nasipse Adayz. Aşk ve Ceza, Analar ve Anneler, Bir Peri Masal, Olum, Kübra, and Son Gün were just a few of the TV shows she appeared in. The happy couple’s names are now Nazan and Ercan Kesal.

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