Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu (Great Seljuk) Episode 60

Sultan Alparslan and the Seljuk State, by conquering Ani, have removed the most significant obstacle on the road to Anatolia and intensified their activities in the region. Alparslan, who has been systematically taking Byzantine castles and cities one by one, continues his march. He embarks on a journey to Egypt upon receiving an invitation from the vizier of Egypt, aiming to unite the Islamic world and establish justice.

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Alparslan’s Journey to Egypt

While en route to Egypt, Alparslan seeks the submission of castles along the way, but he encounters resistance from Mahmud Mirdas. Alparslan, puzzled by Mahmud’s refusal, decides to besiege the castle. Will Alparslan manage to persuade Mahmud Mirdas, or will it lead to a bloody conquest? Meanwhile, Mahmud’s mother, Seyyide, warns him against submitting to Alparslan, fearing the consequences for her son.

Byzantine Intrigue

On the Byzantine side, Emperor Dukas has passed away, and Evdokya has chosen Diyojen as her husband and the new emperor. Diyojen, who had been imprisoned and waiting for his death, springs back into action with Evdokya’s decision. Diyojen’s primary goal is to prevent Alparslan and the Turks from settling in Anatolia and to drive them back to their original lands. Will Diyojen succeed in achieving his objectives, securing his throne, and repelling the Turks to their homeland?

Alparslan’s Dilemma

As Alparslan continues his campaign to Egypt, he learns that Diyojen’s army is on its way to Seljuk territory. He faces a critical decision: Egypt or Anatolia? After careful deliberation, Alparslan decides to confront Diyojen, planning to intercept him at the Battle of Malazgirt.

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