Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 59 Season 2 with English Subtitles

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 59, patience is our strength. How long, my Sultan, should we remain the hunted before turning the tables? Until the moment they come for us. Pursuing Alparslan is a perilous path, for his army suffered minimal losses at Agcakale and Bust. Despite our numerical advantage, we lack the power to confront him directly. So why have we positioned ourselves in Kirman when other assets are available? This location, fortified by imposing mountains and cliffs, offers the most strategic advantage on our path to the throne.

Kirman’s Ulu Yol (Sacred Road) serves as a bottleneck for anyone, including Alparslan and his forces. A hidden naphtha trap awaits them, transforming Ulu Yol into their final resting place. I am well aware of my brother’s resolve, and he won’t delay this mission. Now, your task is to bury the most potent naphtha along that road and secure a strategic position.

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This road, Erkut, holds the destiny of the Seljuk State, as you command, my Sultan. Kavurt Bey has crossed a line by minting his own coins and spreading sermons in his name. Perhaps the loss of his son Merdan drove him down this path. Regardless, his actions suggest ambitions for the throne. My love for my brother and my trust in him blinded us all, and it’s a tragic mistake. Betrayal is not a path any Bey should tread.

I am certain now that Kavurt Bey and his son conspired in treachery, leading us into a trap involving the Georgian army. Even though Merdan sacrificed himself, their true aspirations have become evident. No matter the reasons, my brother Kavurt will answer for forming an alliance with the infidels and causing the deaths of our soldiers. Our army awaits outside the city, my Sultan. When you feel ready, we shall strike Kavurt Bey. With Allah’s help, I am well, Batur Bey. We must not allow the rebels to act unchecked. Let us make haste to Kirman, my Sultan.

Alparslan Episode 59 Recap: A Strategic Move

Byzantine General Romen Diyojen seeks an audience. Alparslan, you needed the throne, and now you are Sultan. These are your people, Iraz. Turks are known for their hospitality. Please, be calm. Our Sultan awaits General Diyojen. Only General Diyojen is granted entry with me. I will remain here, Iraz. Stay calm. Diyojen fled to Constantinople to avoid my defeat in Vaspurakan. Now he has come to protect Ani? He escaped one danger, only to face an even greater one. Sultan Alparslan, I must admit, you wear the crown well. I always knew I would find you here someday, but I didn’t expect to see Captain Diyojen again.

General, all I see is the leash that Dukas placed around your neck, the man you abandoned to his fate. Constantinople is trembling in fear, and your mad Count Leon cannot defend Ani as you well know. So, Kayzer Dukas sent you. Count Leon may be mad, but Kayzer doesn’t fear you. He believes Ani is safe. I share that belief. Did you come to Rey just to flaunt your presence, General? No, I’m here to see King Bagrat, your captive. I wish to visit him, with your permission, of course. Certainly, but under our watchful eye. If you permit me, I’d like to present you with Kayzer’s gift. It serves as a reminder of your territorial boundaries and the lands you’ll never rule.

This is Kayzer Dukas’ gift. The stones are highly valuable. Do you know where they belong, Alparslan General? In the mountains of Ergenekon. It’s not just any mountain; it’s an iron mountain, a sacred place where the Turkish army was forged with the fire of Allah. Let us place this precious gift there. Come with me, General. Your Kaiser aims to teach the Turks about boundaries and limits.

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