Your Residential Solar Panel System Will Look Great on Your Roof

When you realize how solar power works, you will realize how simple it really is. When the sunlight hits solar panels that are installed on a home, it is harnessed as direct current or DC electricity.  The energy is then funneled to an inverter or micro-inverter, which converts it to AC power, or the power that runs your home. The AC electricity goes to the home’s main electrical service panel, where it is distributed to outlets through the home. A net meter keeps track of both the power your solar panels are generating and the electricity your home uses. Any solar power your home isn’t using is returned to the grid and if it’s cloudy and your solar panels aren’t getting any sunlight, then you will draw power from the grid. At the end of the billing cycle you will receive a credit for any excess power your home sent to the grid. The company of Lifetime Solar Solutions will be a great company to do your solar energy power system for you home. They are in the business to help you save money on your energy bills. They will create a great customized preliminary design for your home’s solar panels. They will take every detail into account with the help of satellite imagery where advanced solar design software will give a very accurate quote that is just for your home only. It is very individualized.

This company will be happy to give you a quote today and they can answer all of your questions. They can come over and get started on the process when you call them. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to residential solar panel systems. They can help you realize how it works and how it will save you money in the long run. After your initial expense of buying the system, they can show you how it will be a real money saver for you. Residential Solar PanelYou will be happy to have this company install a system for you. You will love watching your power bills come in and look at the difference from month to month. You can compare the same month in years past to see the difference that this solar power system is making. These systems are becoming something that others want to have in their homes. They want to start saving money also. They will need to get ahold of the company of Solar Power Solutions so that they can start saving money also. You can show them the difference in your power bills.

When you are ready to compare your power bills from the year before after using your new home solar panel power system, you will be able to see the real savings. It will amaze you and you can figure out the percentage that you are saving. Saving the way that you are, plus the tax incentives and the generous rebate that you will get, make the savings even better. You will be pleasantly surprised when it comes to the savings that you are actually getting with your new energy system.