Your one-stop-shop for all things relating to cannabis irrigation

When you pull the trigger to begin your marijuana growing business, this shop needs to be in your game plan.  Cannabis Irrigation Supply is exactly what it sounds like.  But what you don’t learn until you visit the shop it just how much fun the owners are!  Pete and Joyce started their irrigation business more than 35 years ago and their passion has grown with cannabis irrigation each year.  They sort of just fell into the business and learned it quickly by operating various shops over the years.  Their most recent and most successful endeavor has been Cannabis Irrigation Supply in Vista, California where they own and operate it with their two sons, Erik and Sam.  Their goal is to know all there is to know about irrigation with marijuana plants.  Their knowledge spreads to other areas of gardening and farming because a lot of the irrigation techniques are exactly the same.  Their warehouse is in Vista and their shop is just outside of San Diego, which is a popular area to grow residential or commercial marijuana.

Cannabis Irrigation Supply has every single piece of irrigation equipment you will need regardless of whether you have 2 plants or 2,000 plants.  They all need water and nutrition, and the owners at Cannabis Irrigation Supply will guide you through the process of making sure it is all provided.  It doesn’t matter if your farm is recreational or medicinal, indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, you can find everything you need at this supply store.  The irrigation of your marijuana farm is absolutely the most important part so take the time to plan what type and where your new irrigation system will be.

There are a lot of options for irrigation these days and that is why it is more important than ever to seek advice before making a final plan.  The irrigation systems have pros and cons that you will need to consider.  Or, there might even be some that you can’t use at all because you do not have the capacity in one way or another.  When you plan to stop into Cannabis Irrigation Supply bring your questions.  Even bring a picture of your setup so that they can tell you what will work best.  It is a big endeavor to begin a cannabis or marijuana farm so you will definitely want to seek advice from the professionals before you get started.  Stop in to the shop to joke with the owners and hear their history.  You will also likely meet some others are are in the same business as you and you can take the opportunity to make friends and/or network.  This Cannabis Irrigation hub is a place where farmers are always coming in and out to get repairs, get new parts, or to just shoot the breeze with Joyce, Pete, Erik or Sam.  They love to chat about new techniques and to troubleshoot with customers.  They enjoy fixing your irrigation problems no matter how big or small.  Tackle your new cannabis project head one with their advice.