What it is Like Living the Danish Lifestyle of Hygge

Truly there is no other place like home. If you find it hard to feel homely in your own house, you might want to learn about a recent feel-good trend, the Hygge Lifestyle. This Danish way of living is something that has become popular among many lifestyle enthusiasts and is one that embodies elements of comfort and coziness. Hygge is almost being together, achieving harmony, enjoying each other’s presence and having pleasure. You can find a number of blogs and website as well as a manifesto that talk about the hygge lifestyle.

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A hygge lifestyle is fairly easy and simple to recreate in your home. Living hygge is about creating the right atmosphere and enjoying experiences. It is about sharing warmth and happiness with the people that you love and feeling a sense of safety with them. The idea of hygge is something that the Danish take quite seriously and it is even said that there are secrets about it that the Danes keep. But it seems that such secrets do not exists and may just be ideas that have been lost and forgotten.

Hygge is not just one thing, it is everything. Hygge is anything that you make of it. Hygge is the being intimate with the person you love, feeling comfort in your soul, or it can be the warmth and light given by a candle on a cold dark night. You might be able to live a Hygge Life by taking in the ingredients of togetherness, comfort, relaxation, presence, and indulgence. Think of the hygge as the pursuit happiness in your everyday life. Living hygge is like having a hug absent of physical intimacy. Hygge may be a Danish word and idea, but the feeling is truly something universal.

In Denmark, the winter months are long and even darker and colder than other countries. It is during Christmas, when the skies are truly dark and everywhere it is cold that the essence of Hygge really is brought out from among the Danes. You’ll find all forms of hygge in the country from the light illuminating the streets to the warmth of the people. Here in America we enjoy mostly bright and sunny skies so can we really live out a hygge lifestyle?

If you wish to live out a hygge lifestyle in your home, you can do so by creating a warmer atmosphere. Hygge décor is something that is becoming popular with many homeowners who wish to live more like the Danes. Decorating your home to embody a much warmer atmosphere and good feeling is hygge. Home designs today have become quite cold and bland. There is not much life anymore. A hygge lifestyle is about really creating life in one’s home.

If you are looking to decorate your home in a hygge manner, check out Hygge Life. There you will be able to find a variety of décor that can bring a warmer feel to your home. But remember, hygge is also being with the people you love so while you create a warmer home, do it with family to really feel the essence of hygge.