1. Modern day roofs are made to be repaired with less hassle. Older homes are a serious source of headache for roofers, as the roofs used on older homes tend to be much more difficult to repair. In general, roof repairs made to homes that were built before the 80’s will cost the roofers more and will take longer to get done. There are even many roofing companies which will not work with older roofs, as they simply present too much of a headache for their roofers. People looking online for a roofer at popular sites such as,, should always let the roofing agency know beforehand if their roof is an older model, as they may end up saving lot of time by avoiding companies that don’t deal with older roofs. The new roofs used in modern construction have advanced systems of roofing tiles which allow the roofer to quickly melt away old glue from between the tiles, and replace them in a short amount of time. Roofers love the new roofs that are being used in the construction of homes today, as they have made their jobs and lives much easier. Roofers who started working in the industry before the 80’s will probably be able to remember how difficult roofing repair was before the types of roofs used was switched.
  2. Roofers no longer work alone. Modern day roofing equipment almost without exception requires the attention of a two man team in order to operate properly, so most roofers now work in teams of two or even three. Roofing contractors have also found that using more roofer on a single job allows for the roofers to accomplish more in a shorter time, and therefore can produce more fixed roofs at the end of a day. One roofer working by himself may be able to repair three roofs in one day, but three roofers working together can probably fix nine roofs in one single day. More roofers on one job means more repairs get done, as well as better work conditions for all roofers.
  3. Roofers are able to operate more quickly these days thanks to the fact that roofer training programs have become more popular. Most states now require any roofer working on private homes, to hold a certificate of training given by a state backed roofer training sponsor. Roofer training programs are designed to help roofers work better in all different kinds of ways. Roofer training teaches the roofers how to better use the new roofing equipment that is coming out each year, and also how to make sure that the repairs they will make are going to last through time and bad weather. Apart from better, more efficient repairs, the training programs that the states require for roofers today also focus a lot of attention of proper roofer safety skills. Roofing can be a dangerous profession when people don’t know how to take the proper precautions, but with the implementation of new roofing guidelines taught in the programs, roofers are getting the job done more safely than ever!