Lab testing is cheaper than most people can believe. Lab testing facilities run hundreds of thousands of urine and blood tests each year, and the demand for their services is only growing as few doctors have their own testing equipment these days. The spike in the amount of UA testing taking place in the country has created a very competitive market with incredibly low prices for basic testing services. Companies that have wanted to start drug testing programs for their employees can now do so without investing a huge amount of money. There are even many insurance companies which pick up the bill for their clients that want to have drug testing done, and the same is true for regular individuals that want to have a urine analysis done for medical reasons. A large testing facility, stated that in 2016 nearly a quarter of their billing was done for insurance companies. With an ever increasing demand for drug tests, there may soon be more insurance companies which include testing in their coverage. The huge drop in the price of drug testing is one big reason why today’s tests are so much better than they were in the past.

Urine drug testing is so advanced today that urine analysis reports can include information about the kind of drugs that showed up in a patient’s system, and even the quantity. There are instances when an employer might want to determine is a worker has been using drugs often, or if the behavior may be more indicative of a social drug user. Thanks to the fact that drug tests are so advanced today, the information about a subject’s drug habits is more easily understood. There are also a number of legal prescription drugs which are commonly being abused, which can now be detected from a UA test. By some estimates, the country’s drug problem is largely related to the misuse of prescription medication. New, more advanced testing allows employees to find out about any drug use which might be going on and put a stop to it. The modern UA tests are also far more advanced in their ability to report is a test subject attempted to fool the test. Until just a few years ago it was very common for people to fool drugs tests by consuming certain substances which masked the drugs presence during inspection. However, people today know that a drug test can’t be cheated so easily. In fact, if a urine sample is collected and processed correctly, most drugs are impossible to hide.

Lastly, the speed with which a UA test can be done is a major reason why testing is so much better today. UA tests once took upwards of seven days to perform which is a very long time if you consider that the average UA tests today takes around five hours. People that have urgent testing needs can also request a rapid UA tests which can be done in one hour. Employers can make better choices in less time with the help of quick new UA tests.