We will start out by listing some of the positive aspects which customers enjoy about buying their window coverings from a local store then work our way towards some of the pluses which might come from buying window treatments off the internet.

A lot of people like supporting local businesses. In a recent survey done with consumers in a small town in the Midwest, nearly half of the people stated that they enjoyed buying the majority of their products from local businesses because they felt that it helped keep the money within the community. The sentiment expressed in the survey rings true across all different areas of business, and in people in both small towns and large cities. People that live in especially small towns however, may end up purchasing their blinds and shades from the internet, simply due to the fact that there are no local window coverings dealers in their area, and they would have to take a long drive to get to the closest window covering dealer. Sites such as, also reported that many of their customers reported that the primary reason they bought their shades and shutters through an internet seller was due to the fact that their community lacked a place they could purchase through locally. So, buying from local stores might be preferred by some people that enjoy using their money within their own community, but sometimes that is simply not an option.

Another reason which has kept many people going to their local shops for window coverings is that some customers like to talk with the sales people when they buy window coverings. While internet sites have come a long way in terms of customer assistance, with some sites even offering live chat rooms which can help people find the products they are seeking, some people still prefer to talk face to face with a sales person. We all can all appreciate the fact that having a live person to talk with about a product is a nice way to make a shopping purchase. The local shops know that they are going up against large internet dealers, and so in an attempt to stay competitive they have really stepped up their customer service assistance. People will find that most physical stores not only have a team of professional window covering experts on staff, they also have people who will assist them in the instillation of the window coverings they purchase.

On the negative side of shopping for blinds at a store we have to take into consideration the fact that internet shops are considerably cheaper than physical stores. While the local shops have tried to stay competitive with their pricing, it is nearly impossible to keep prices even close to the as low as those offered by internet sites. The online window covering companies pay lower tax rates and have far few employees to pay, which ends up making it possible for them to offer window coverings for far less than those working out of local shops.