Today’s industrial construction companies like,, are really diverse in the type of construction services they provide. In fact, most industrial construction companies today have dozens of different areas which they work in, ranging from environmental construction all the way to the building of sky scrapers and arenas. In the past it would have been more common to find an industrial construction company that focused on just one specific area, but as companies have had to deal with increased competition; one of the ways they dealt with it was to join several mid-sized companies together in order to form a much larger and more diverse industrial service agency. There are still a few activities which are the bread and butter of industrial construction companies, no matter how many different services they may offer, and where we will look at the primary ones.

Pipe bending fabrication remains one of the most requested services from industrial construction companies today. Pipe bending can be a real nightmare if a contractor doesn’t have a pipe bending team that he or she can count on. The nature of pipe bending and pipe formation is such that even the tiniest fraction of inch of error could cause serious issues throughout a structures pipe system. Pipe bending probably makes up nearly a quarter of all the services which pipe industrial manufacturers provide each year in this country. Any time a new structure goes up which is any larger than the average home, the need for pipe fabricators comes up. The industrial construction agency is always happy to have work from contractors for pipe bending and pipe creation, as they remain one of the most expensive services provided by industrial construction companies today. Due to the fact that the machinery needed for large-scale pipe bending is so large and expensive, there are very few builders out there who can afford their own, and so the service is probably going to stay in high demand for a long time.

It may come as a surprise but one of the most common jobs that industrial construction companies do is actually not constructing new buildings, but taking old ones down. Industrial demolition is a very popular service provided by industrial construction companies, as many of the same tools and equipment which is used in the building of large structures, is also needed to bring those structures down. The demolition of large buildings is a delicate process as well, as the state and city officials often require loads of safety procedures to be followed during the process, as well as strict guidelines as to what can be done with the material after the building is brought down. Several tons of building material is hardly something which can just be hauled out to the local dump. Often times the industrial construction company has to process a lot of the waste materials at their own plants, a task which could take weeks of time to accomplish, depending on the amount of material in question. When a building goes up, contractors call the industrial teams in,a dn when the buildings come down, they call them in once more.