The Beneficial Effects of Water Gardens on the Environment

Our world if filled with a plethora of beautiful natural sceneries, from crashing waterfalls to calm lakes and the soothing appearance of a variety of plants. Things like these are so beautiful that we have made the effort to creating our own sceneries right in our own backyard. Ponds or water gardens are beautiful man-made architectural sceneries that reflect the beauty of water works and plants. You might usually find water gardens in resorts but many residential owners have also taken the effort of constructing one in their own yard. After all, who wouldn’t want something as beautiful as a water garden in their property?

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aquatic garden

Water gardens are beautiful but to be able to create such a beautiful scene takes planning and effort. One would need to prepare the selected area, gather the needed supplies, arrange the plants, and so much more. Despite the tiring process, the end result will make it all worth it. Sitting by a water garden can be quite relaxing and can help you get in more touch with nature. You might not even know it but having a water garden can actually be good for the environment. For a better understanding, we are going to take a look at the beneficial effects that water gardens have on the environment.

1.) Helps save a lot of water – A traditional garden uses a lot of water. In order to maintain the garden and keep all the plants alive you would have to water it regularly. In fact, plants in traditional gardens use around a thousand gallons of water a year. Water gardens on the other hand are much more efficient when it comes to water usage. Water gardens can easily store water from rain.

2.) Saves gas on lawn maintenance – Having a large lawn can be great but that also means that you will have a large area that you need to maintain. To maintain and care for a lawn you will need to cut the grass and that is usually done with a lawnmower. However, you do not need a lawnmower to maintain a water garden so if you have an area in your yard occupied by a water garden you won’t need to use up much gas.

3.) Pesticides and fertilizers won’t be used as much – Lawnmowers aren’t the only thing that you will need in order to be able to maintain a yard. Pesticides and fertilizers are things that many gardeners use in their lawn to keep away any pests as well as promote growth among plants. However, water gardens don’t need such chemicals.

4.) Creates an ideal living place for many organisms – Compared to traditional gardens water gardens can support much more life. Its own ecosystem can support not only bugs but aquatic creatures as well. Anyone who has a water garden in their yard would know how diverse the life in there could be. Along with the fish and plants, dragonflies and other beautiful bugs could soon make your water garden their home.