Here in Denver the spa industry is really taking off right now. There have been dozens of new spas opening up all over the city and in surrounding suburbs this year, and many existing spas are making plans to expand their operations during the coming year. Local spa centers such as, have even started exploring what new services they can start offering their clients in order to stay competitive in the current market. Some spa centers have hired consulting groups from places like Korea and Japan, where the spa culture is huge, in order to provide them with ideas for spa options that will bring in new clients. In this article we will take a look at the hottest trends in spa services that can be found in different areas of the globe today.

Perhaps the fastest growing trend in spas right now is the fusion of spas with gyms. There are already dozens of companies that own both spas and gyms in Denver, yet until recently they have not come together in order to provide their clients with one super center in which their member can enjoy a spa and gym together. Gyms with spas in them are really an obvious choice when one thinks about it, as nearly half of all spa members are also members of a gym. Denver gyms and spas that combine forces could double their client list overnight, and the overall cost of running their centers could also be greatly reduced. Clients that already enjoy the pleasures of a spa-gym center like the fact that they can combine two of the thing which most help them relax into a single location. In the years to come we are almost certain to see more and more spas combined with fitness centers appearing in Denver.

Popular spa services also include couples spa packages. The idea of going to the spa for a day with a loved one has been very popular since the conception of the modern spa, but not until recently have spas begun to focus their sales effort at the couples market with so much vigor. Couples spa packages have started to include more romantically minded spa services such as couple’s massages and couples mud baths. As of the current date, the most popular day for people to visit the spa is Valentine’s Day, so the potential for expanding spa services for couples is huge.

Spas have begun incorporating more medicinal services in their spas recently. A trip to the spa can be very therapeutic, and even more so in spas that offer their clients the attention of physical therapists and alternative medicine professionals. A spa which has a special focus on providing their clients help with some minor medical issues has a real advantage over traditional spas. Some spa centers have expanded their medicinal spa services to such an extent that many people are able to have their spa visit paid for by their insurance carriers. Wellbeing of the body and mind seems to be the focus of many modern spas today.