Shutters are versatile options for homes

It is true that every window in a home needs a window treatment, that does not necessarily mean that all window treatments are created equal.  Custom window treatments are often going to be the best way to show off a room and highlight the space. Wood shutters and blinds are some of the most popular options for homeowners right now. The natural warmth and hue of wood can create a more warm and inviting look in a home, plus the natural wood is a great way to create an earthy or rustic tone in your decorating style. Wood shutters are especially popular because they can fit almost any style of home and they are incredibly versatile.

Wood shutters can be hung on the outside of the home on either side of the window to compliment the windows, or they can be hung on the inside of the home where they might serve a more functional use. Typically with shutters are hung on the outside of the house and then they are fixed to the home so their purpose is more decorative. In some cases there are homeowners that will choose to have protective shutters hung on the outside of their home because they live in an area that is prone to intense weather patterns. For example, a homeowner in Florida may choose to have storm shutters put on their beach house to help protect the home from hurricanes. Those kinds of shutters will be made out of material that is more durable than the wood shutters that are commonly seen in other areas.

Shutters that are hung on the inside of homes are more likely to have an actual purpose or to be useful to the homeowners. Sometimes wood shutters will be used instead of drapes, blinds, or shades on the inside of a home in order to help provide privacy and control the amount of light that is coming into a room. Shutters on the inside of a window can be permanently fixed to the front of the windows, but that is not a requirement. Many homeowners instead choose to have the option of keeping the shutters open and away from the window. They do this by using a swing hinge that allows the shutter to swing away from the window and hook itself to the wall next to the windows. This way the room is open to which ever amazing view is just outside of them .This is a popular style choice in kitchens and bedrooms especially.

Some say that the privacy that is given to a room by using wood shutters is more complete than if you were to use blinds. This is because the adjustable slats that are on a shutter may be able to lay more flatly and tighter together then those of regular blinds, but of course the level of privacy will also depend on the material and particular style of shutter that is selected. For help choosing your perfect shutter, go to today.