Picking the cannabis seed strain that fits your climate

Over the years people have been able to do a lot in order to tweak and change the marijuana plant in order to fit it to the traits and qualities that we like the best. Not only now are there probably hundreds upon hundreds of different strains of cannabis seeds, but they are all relatively different from one another and have a decent difference in what kind of plants they produce and what kind of an affect those plants have. If you are thinking of trying to grow your own marijuana plants, there are a lot of different factors that you should keep in mind in order to make sure that you are going to have the right plant in the end. Of course there are always going to be differences in personal preferences such as how strong you want your pot to be, what the flavor notes should be or anything else.
Another very important point though when you are picking out the right cannabis seeds to start experimenting with is finding the plants that are going to be able to grow in whatever kind of climate you live in. After all, they are still plants and some of them are not going to like being in a place that is too hot or too cold or too dry. Thankfully, because there are so many different strains of marijuana seeds and plants out there, there are a lot of options and variety in the plants so even if you live in a place that you might not think to be normally too hospitable to plants, there is still probably a strain of marijuana seeds that can grow in your area.

cannabis seedsOne of the best ways to figure out what strain of marijuana seed is going to be the best fit for the particular area that you live in is to use the Gyo Green seed bank website search function. Gyo Green has a great search function on their website that allows their customers to search through almost eight hundred different strains of marijuana seeds by all different sorts of factors, including what kind of conditions they grow in. This means if you live in a place that is pretty cool or cold even, you might be best fit with something like the African Buzz or Bangi Haze strains of cannabis seeds. If however you live in a place that is more temporal or continental, you might have more success with cannabis seed strains like California Indica or Berry Bomb.

In addition to picking which kind of marijuana seeds might work best for certain climates, you can also choose between the strains of cannabis seeds that grow either pretty tall or tend to stay on the shorter side or plants that flower at a certain point of the year or need to be harvested at a certain point of the year. This way in the end, you will have the perfect marijuana seed strain to match where you are living and what you are looking for.