Perform risk assessments for your patients and employees. the US lately there’s been a great deal of talk about health care. There’s been a lot of finger pointing happening about why health care costs are so high, who made them that way, who’s to blame to high insurance premiums, and so on. It seems that no one can avoid the criticism, from Republicans and Democrats to insurance companies and even doctors. To be fair, the people receiving the bulk of the criticisms are the insurance companies, both because they’re an easy target and because anyone with health care is paying one of them. This means that they’re on everyone’s mind because everyone is paying a premium each month.

That said, doctors and medical facilities are getting a lot of grief over the health care situation in the US, and unjustly so. There isn’t a group of people out there who cares more about the world of health care than the people who are working in it. They’ve dedicated years of their life to education and training that allowed them to work in their field, and they’re committing their profession and their adult lives to trying to make sure that people are getting the kind of care they need. If there’s one group of people that consumers and politicians shouldn’t be going after, it’s the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals that work long hours to care for people.

If these medical professionals only cared about the money, then they wouldn’t perform risk assessments on all of their patients, which everyone should know is something they do. Doctors do these risk assessments to try and figure out what the risk is for a particular patient for a particular disease. For example, if they take a look at the health assessment of one of their patients and find out that they’re drinking a six-pack of soda everyday, then they’re going to conclude that that person is at risk of developing diabetes. If one of their patients has high blood pressure and is eating a lot of salty foods, then they’re going to be at risk of developing some sort of heart issue down the road. Doctors and other medical professionals really care about their patients, and that’s why they perform these risk assessments. They want to know what the risks are so they can try and help the patient mitigate them as best as possible.

One way that doctors today are helping to mitigate risk for their patients is through the use of technology. They’re using companies like HealthAware to help them track how patients are doing with their health compliance. Here’s how it works. Let’s say a doctor decides that a patient is at a high risk of developing heart disease because of their blood pressure, their diet, and their lack of physical activity. HealthAware will help that doctor develop a program that sends text messages to that person to remind them to eat healthy and get outside and exercise. They also might include an app where the patient can go in and input what they did that day in terms of their diet and activity. It’s technology like this that’s helping doctors mitigate risk for patients.