International Education Fairs

Education fairsFor 20 years now, FPP EDU Media has been acclaimed as one of the best when it comes to international education fairs. They always see to it that they are on top of their game in terms of knowledge delivery to various institutions. As a result, most learning stations have experienced an increment in the international learner intake. The agency only picks the crème de la crèmes since it is all about the best in this enterprise to equip them with more knowledge on student recruitment services. As they say, quality recognizes quality; as the best firm it also needs bright students for greater success altogether.

The 2016 Fair
The previous year seemed so fruitful. They managed to hold 4000 booths at 100 fairs. Since this is an international fair, it was organized in 5 continents which is such an achievement. Besides, the website took in over 1.7 million registered users. Whether you are targeting a specific audience or a general audience; FPP EDU Media is the best platform. For any form of inquiries, there is a team put in place to respond to them with assurance.

How to be part of the FPP EDU Media community
It is so simple. Visit the website and register. Before making it to their recruitment list, you are required to convince them that your intentions are genuine to study overseas. Therefore, to make it to their international education fairs, you have got to give it your all in terms of honesty, integrity, and aptness. Normally, about 30% to 40% of the students are chosen to take part in their fairs.

FPP Mobile App
This application makes all the work easier. It makes scrutiny of students faster and reliable at the booths. The student’s info and other details can be retrieved through the same app. There is an FPP agent in every state therefore when in need of any child’s information; they are there to help since they keep such details in their directory. They also have a full team of customer care who are determined and always at your beck and call to help you out in the case of a troublesome issue that needs to be clarified.

Virtual Fair

The Virtual Fair online platform was designed specifically to meet the needs of colleges around the world with all the benefits traditional education fairs would provide.  The service enables colleges to capture qualified leads and provide specific actionable information to students.

The 2017 fair
This year’s fair expo is set to feature in 6 countries: India, Latin America, UK & Ireland, Asia, Brazil and Mexico. The scheduled dates and time are as indicated in the website. Purpose to attend and you will not regret choosing it.

Customers’ reviews
There is always that feeling of satisfaction whenever you get something good and promising. This is the way students from the fair feel like. They feel fulfilled and productive. Annually, a group of students are chosen worldwide to experience this rare opportunity of innovation, motivation and interaction. A lot of beneficiaries have written great stuff about this agency.

In conclusion
FPP EDU Media is a world class community committed to scholarly excellence. It has nurtured many students who are now at the peak of their career courtesy of this programs held every year in different places globally.