In Denver it is hard to choose which craft beer hall to visit on any given weekend

If you and your family are fortunate enough to live in the Centennial State of Colorado, you are more than aware of the fact that there are an abundance of amazing Craft beer hall locations all over the place. There are small mountain locations that focus on small community craft beers and may only have one or two beers on tap, all the way up to the larger Denver locations with double digit craft beers ready to pour. So how does one choose which Craft Beer & Eatery to patronize? This article is intended to provide you with a few guiding questions that can help you and your social network decide where to spend your hard earned dollars. Here is a list of the top three most important considerations when making that choice.

The first consideration that I always give thought to when choosing a Craft Beer Hall is location. Again, this article is focused on the Craft Beer Halls in and around Colorado, but for your money, the best of the best are usually around the metro area. So if you and your family and friends happen to live or are visiting this geographic location, this article suggests that some of the best beers come from Beer Hall & Eatery Arvada locations. There is not exactly a specific reason for that sentiment but in the experience of this author there just seems to be an abundance of amazing beers coming out of the Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield Colorado area.

The second (and perhaps the most important) factor to think about when considering craft beerwhere you and your family and friends should visit does not have anything to do with beer at all, but instead is about food. Of all of the plethora Craft Beer Hall locations throughout the state, you will be sure to find that not that many of them serve food. Sure they may have a food truck parked outside on specific nights or they may be able to have food delivered to the location or heated up in a microwave in the back, but very few of these locations are actually what is referred to as a Craft beer & eatery. To this author that is a very important factor. There is nothing better than having some house made food to accompany the local brew. If you can have that food come piping hot from the back and served directly to you, even better. Call ahead and make sure the place you are about to visit has food to accompany their drinks.

Finally, anyone who cares even a little bit about their beverages is going to put high importance on the reputation of the Craft Beer Hall in general. Do your research here. Search online, ask friends, tap into your social media in order to find out what others are saying and if they have enjoyed their experience at the Craft Beer Hall & Eatery. One would be surprised to learn how often this step is overlooked, but in the end, it can be the most important step taken to assure that you are patronizing the best all around Craft Beer Hall.