Improve workplace health with incentives and electric bikes

We all know that we should be getting more exorcise on a daily basis but some times it can be difficult to push ourselves to make those steps and those chances that actually have an effect at one point or another. It’s just too easy at a certain point to kind of forget about it and continuously put it off. Even if individually we are not all that great with making the right choices to keep ourselves happy and healthy, there are sometimes extra little nudges out there to help us along. One example of this concept in action is that now there are a number of companies that are recognizing the importance of a healthy work force and are incentivizing all sorts of healthy measures from everything from paying in part or in full for gym memberships to providing electric bikes for their staff if they have a large campus. If people often drive from one side of the work place to another, not only does it take so much longer than just riding a bike since you have to walk to your car, drive, find a parking place and then walk to the door of where you are going, but it also makes people unhealthy and is worse overall for the environment. With the addition of electric bikes all around the campus though, people can get super quickly from point A to point B while getting at least a tiny bit of exorcise. Since the bikes are electric, the rider doesn’t have to worry about putting out a lot of energy and arriving to their destination super out of breath and sweaty. The electric bikes put in a chunk of the energy required so you can quickly and easily glide through the parking lot only putting in a tiny bit of peddling yourself.

While this might not be the perfect solution for every work place, it is small steps like this that can contribute to an over all healthier workplace and population. Considering that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that every single year there are over nine billion dollars lost to work place illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes (all issues that can be improved with a better diet and more exorcise), it has proven to be well worth it for companies to do what they can to help improve the lives of themselves and everyone around them by buying a fleet of electric bikes from a company like Small Planet Bikes. Even just a small fleet of electric bicycles around your workplace campus can make a decent sized difference in the performance that you see from your workers and what kind of healthy and happy lifestyles your employees can have. If you think this could be a good step for your company, you should go and talk to the team at Small Plant Bikes and take a look at their huge selection of different electric bikes and electric bike accessories and see if anything fits for you and your company.