Hunter Douglas blinds are the most popular brand by a mile. times it’s hard to figure out why a particular brand comes to dominate a market. On closer examination of the brand, people often find that it’s not the actual product itself but rather clever marketing and an endless advertising budget that have helped the company reach its apex. It’s less about the quality of the product and more about the fancy package it’s put in and the way it’s sold to the public. Think about the largest beer companies in the US. Are they so large because their beer is the highest quality beer consumers can find? Absolutely not. Instead, they’re so large because they can afford to run clever commercials during the Super Bowl and because they’re sold in every single store that carries any beverages.

However, there are some companies out there that come to dominate their industries because of the quality of their products and nothing else. Hunter Douglas blinds are one such product. Take a moment to think about if you’ve ever seen an advertisement for Hunter Douglas window treatments on television or heard one on the radio. It’s quite likely that you never have, and that’s because their products are so great that they virtually sell themselves. Hunter Douglas has such a dominant grasp on the window treatment market that they don’t even need to advertise their products to the public. Instead, they simply let window treatment retailers fight over how many of their products they’re going to carry.

Why are Hunter Douglas blinds, window shades, drapes, and shutters so well liked among window treatment professionals and consumers? The first reason is because of the variety that they come in. There simply aren’t any other brands that produce such a wide variety of products for their customers. No matter the type of window treatment you’re looking for, the material you would like it to be made of, the style you’d like it in, and the color, they produce it. You can literally find anything that you’d ever want, and that’s saying something considering how many different tastes there are out there. The second thing that makes them such a great choice is the quality of their products. When produce a window treatment for their customers, they guarantee that their products won’t break or stop working for years to come. That’s also something that most window treatment manufacturers simply can’t say, and it’s yet another reason why Hunter Douglas has been able to differentiate themselves from their competition.

When you start to look closer at Hunter Douglas, it’s easy to see why retailers like Apex Window Decor try to carry as many of their products as possible. Hunter Douglas has come to dominate their industry not because they can afford to run hundreds of advertisements year round or because they have the best marketing team, but rather because they’re producing the highest quality product in their industry at prices that people can actually afford. Other companies in other industries should try to learn a thing or two from Hunter Douglas.