Here is the reason why termite control is crucial in the spring


termite controlIf you recently purchased or are currently in the process of purchasing a home, congratulations! This is a big step towards securing your future for your family both emotionally and financially. As is common, you likely have or will undergo an appraisal, which will confirm a home’s valuation. This will include inspection for termite and other pest damage that could be harmful to the long term value of the property you are purchasing.

Throughout this process, you may have heard that the best time to find evidence of a termite infestation is in the spring. This is true. In fact, March through May are the most common times to find evidence of termite infestation because that is when termites “swarm.” Swarming is when termites are prompted by spring weather like precipitation and warm temperatures to form swarms and seek new places to start colonies. You may have seen termites with wings and some without. Both are termites. Winged termites, also called swarmers, will shed their wings once they’ve found a new spot for a colony. The winged termites are not the direct danger since this type of termite doesn’t yet eat wood like the termites we think about. It is once they shed their wings that they become a potential problem in your home. Termite control becomes increasingly important in the spring because if you see swarmers, or winged termites, though they are not eating through your wood, they imply that an infestation is currently taking place. If you see these winged termites, do your best to call professionals as quickly as possible. It is very important to start the process of ridding your home of this infestation as soon as you can, before too much damage is done that may be costly or perhaps even impossible to repair.

The cost of termite exterminators is far less than how much it would cost to repair the foundation in a home, knock out and rebuild walls or even, as a worst case scenario, move and purchase a whole new house. This can cause not only financial stress, but emotional stress as well.

In addition, if you are selling your home, it would be a good idea to have a professional team come and check your house for any signs of infestation as well. If by chance there are any signs of this, you can have a pest control team handle the problem before it is caught during an appraisal and possibly jeopardizes the sale of your property. In the case of pest control, much like other issues, it is better to handle it proactively rather than re-actively. Of course, sometimes it can be difficult to know if an infestation is happening behind your walls, but events like the selling and purchasing of property is a good time to prompt looking deeper into the situation to detect any issues at an earlier stage if possible. Remember, because of the higher activity of termites in the spring months, make sure to at least check your property for signs of these critters during that time of year.