Get a music production company that excels at sound design.

What exactly is sound design and why is it important when it comes to music production? You need to make sure that you have the best sound that will be sure to support the video or the voice track or else it could be left wanting more. That is why it’s important to find lots of different sounds to add richness and depth to the song that you are having produced. Think about the songs that you get lost in. They are the ones that have lots of radio production different things happening, they sound professional and finely tuned. This kind of sound design elegance can be found at Pomann Sound in New York, NY. They have a huge library full of different sounds that will certainly make your song sound the most professional and enticing to the listeners. Anything from audio production to radio production and sound design, Pomann Sound has your back. They also have the metals and awards to prove they are an exceptional team that stands above the rest in services. If you are curious to know more about the services that Pomann Sound offers, hop on their easy to use website. Until then, here is a clip that gives you a brief overview of their company:

“Our ability to tell a story through sound has made us one of New York’s most sought after audio post-production facilities by producers, animators and film directors for over thirty years.

“With a long history of award-winning achievements — including the Cannes Golden Lion and the 2016 Radio Mercury Award — our work can be heard in thousands of TV, radio and web advertisements in addition to nationally released feature films, blockbuster games, documentaries and live action TV shows.  In fact, it’s very possible you grew up listening to our animation work, with over 800 animated episodes to our credit including the Emmy Award-Winning “Doug.”

“Our penthouse studio, over-looking Midtown Manhattan on the corner of 46th Street and 5th Avenue, is centered around three state-of-art mix/sound design suites. Using both cutting edge tools and unwavering attention to detail, we sculpt every project’s sound to enhance the story and emotion.”

Pomann Sound
2 W. 46th St., PH, New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-869-4161
Fax: 212-869-4541

If you are looking for a company that will add nothing but the best to your song, then you should check out Pomann Sound. They are home to some of the best musicians themselves and what better person to be producing music than someone who has musical experience themselves. Music production is like, well, it’s like making music! Artistic and yet music production is one of the functional ways to experience the creation of music.

If you are looking for the best sound design in NYC then you have come to the right place in Pomann Sound. They are committed to giving you the best and the greatest sound design experience around. They will be able to use musical sensitivity to create the mood and tone that you want from the music you bring to the table.