Differentiating Position Welding and Roll Welding in Pipe Fabrication

One of the processes that is used in industrial construction and in large industrial factories is the process of pipe fabrication. In the construction of large buildings pipes can be used for a variety of ways. Large factories make use of pipes in order to facilitate waste and other chemicals out from the factory. Pipes made of light gauge material is also used in the electrical system of a building. Basically a piping network helps to make work much easier for human workers. If there were no pipes used in a chemical plant that workers would take a very high risk transporting waste out.

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Pipes really are quite important not only in the construction of industrial projects but in underground networks as well like the sewer and subway. However, do we really know how these are made? Pipes are created through pipe fabrication which is done inside large factories where a number of processes are carried out in order to turn raw metal into pipes. Basic processes are cutting where the rough pipe is cut to length and the goes to fitting where it is fit properly before going to welding.

Today, we are going to take a look into two different methods that are used in the welding of pipes in pipe fabrication and these two methods are namely position welding and roll welding.

First, let’s talk about the process of roll welding. This method of welding makes use of a pipe turner. The pipe itself is fit onto the pipe turner which then turns or rolls as the name of the method implies. While the pipe is being rolled at a slow but constant speed, the welders can just sit stationary it a single position without them having the need to go around the pipe to finish welding. The process of roll welding I actually quite efficient as it saves lot of time in the part of the welder.

However, the advantage of roll welding has a limit. The pipes that have to be welded are limited to a certain length which is usually five feet and has to fit properly into the pipe turner. If the pipe turner cannot be used, then another welding method will have to be used like position welding.

Position welding as the name implies sets the pipe at a single position where it doesn’t move unlike the roll welding method. In this method it is the welders that will have to go around the pipe in order to do the welding work. Although position welding isn’t as efficient compared to the method of roll welding, there are certain approaches that make it so. Welders often divide the pipe into several divisions where each of them can work on so that one wouldn’t have to take on the whole of the pipe.

Welding pipes is essential in pipe fabrication since it helps make sure that the pieces are properly secured together and won’t come off easily. Either method used, it is the quality of the weld that makes the pipe.