Consider getting porcelain veneers from a trusted and local dental office.

Picture it. Boulder, 2016. You have just gotten your dental insurance through the healthcare marketplace and you are stoked because you have a desperate need for some porcelain veneers.  The problem is you have no idea what dentist to go to.

cosmetic veneersNext step, you hop on-line and look at all the dental providers that your insurance offers you. You find that there are several so you have a few different tactics you can employ. One, you can just pick the company that is closest to your house or place of work. Two, you can just randomly pick a company. Three, you can do some research and find a company that is the most affordable for you. Four, you can ask around and see what the community has to say about the dentists in question.

What is the most likely is that you are going to pick the company that is at the top of the list because making phone calls makes your head ache and you just want to get your dental relief today. You go to this dentist, spend all this money and find out that you need even more dental work than you could have imagined.

After this you find out that you have picked a dentist that is shady, people don’t trust and do sub par work. You didn’t know this because you are new to the area. What do you do now?

You pick Incredible Smiles next time. They are a company that is committed to giving your honest and effective dental care. If you are wanting to know more about Incredible Smiles, then take a look at this clip that was pulled from their website so you can hear in their own tone what kind of services they are providing to the Boulder community:

“Here at Incredible Smiles it is our focus to create healthy smiles through cosmetic dentistry services including: dental implant placement, cosmetic veneers, porcelain veneers, and more. Mindful of each patient’s facial aesthetics, our dental experts design customized treatment plans to meet your needs.

“In need of dental implants for missing teeth or porcelain veneers? Suffering from sleep apnea? At Incredible Smiles, we believe that enhancing teeth and tissue leads to more optimal health. Our comprehensive care allows for optimal body benefit. For example, we can align your teeth with Invisalign to provide more room in your mouth for your tongue. Not only does this improve the look of your smile, but it will also help to increase your airway, thereby minimizing the effects of sleep apnea, both now and in the future.

“Strong communication between our doctors and our team allows for delivery of premium level care. We are dedicated to our patients’ comfort and convenience, offering all our services in a single location. We are dedicated to educating our patients on their cosmetic dentistry options. We create options unique to your needs.

“We would love to meet with you so that you can experience dentistry in a new way. To schedule a complimentary consultation or to simply talk with us, be sure to contact us at Incredible Smiles and let us know how we can help you today!”

Call Incredible Smiles today and ask them about their dental implants and more.