The history of gutter machines

Gutters have been used almost throughout history.  Before they were introduced in Europe, the Romans, the Greeks, and the Egyptians all used their own types of gutters that used stone water spouts that looked like open-mouthed lions in order to direct water away from the roof of the building.  Romans brought the design to Britain after their invasion in 47 AD because they understood the importance of water management.

Many English towns were demolished and people were forced to rebuild after the Norman Invasion that occurred around 1066.  At that time, the gargoyle replaced the lion due to a story about a fire-breathing dragon that nearly destroyed a city before being destroyed by St. Romanus.  The gargoyles remained in place until the 12th century.  At that time, St. Bernard questioned their use, so they were removed and replaced with wood, lead, and clay.  It was also at this time that the first downspout was installed in order to keep white washed walls clean.


In the 1800s, iron and lead became the dominating materials because they were cheap and readily available.  It was during the same period that gutters began to become commonplace on most houses and buildings.  However, at that time, they were made out of wood and were V-shaped.  Approximately 50 years later, plastic rain gutters replaced wood during World War II. It was also at this time that downspouts, similar to the ones homes have today, began to be installed.


Then, during the 1960s, several advances were made in the gutter industry. This included the invention of the gutter machine that could roll out and form aluminum gutters at the construction site.  It was also at that time that aluminum became the material of choice for rain gutter construction and it remains so now.


Today, homes and business have a variety of options to choose from when selecting new gutters.  There are a variety of colors and sizes that people can to choose from.  In addition, customers can also choose to have a variety of designs embossed into their gutters.  Known as gutter art, these designs allow for personalization of the gutters and can also make the gutters look like crown molding. It can certainly make the house or office stand out from the buildings around it.


A major company involved in the roofing industry, New Tech Machinery or NTM, which manufactures a variety of roofing and gutter machines, is responsible for gutter art.  They also have machines that make roofing and gutter jobs easier including machines that make 5-inch gutters, 6-inch gutters and a machine that makes a combination of both.  In addition, they also have a variety of options that you can purchase including one that makes sizing easier.  It is a touch screen that can be preloaded with up to 50 different sizes.


As for the roof itself, NTM also offers a number of machines to make that easier as well.  Ask a local retailer or see their website for more information.