The big five things that speech therapists can help with

Speech Therapists all around the world can provide a number of very valuable services to those who struggle with any aspect of speech including, tone, intonation, retention, phonation, components of respiration, resonance, variance of pitch, and producing sound. While there are many aspects to speech therapy, these things are generally broken down into five categories of the most common things that speech therapists can help their clients address.neurological therapy

  • Cognitive aspects of communication- this generally includes issues regarding the patients memory and attention as well as their problem solving abilities and executive function
  • General speech- this is one of the larger categories and includes things such as the phonation, fluency, resonance, articulation, and aspects of respirations and its impact on the voice
  • General language- this covers the more scientific aspects including issues of morphology, semantics, phonology, syntax and pragmatical and social aspects of communication, which include oral, written, graphic and manual language. General language skills can also often include issues regarding language processing such as pre-literacy, phonological awareness and other language based literacy skills
  • Voice- this aspect focuses on issues regarding poor vocal volume, hoarseness, or other abnormal voice quality such as the voice being too breathy, rough or strained. While many of the clients who come into speech therapy for voice issues are children who have trouble with these issues, this category includes the highest number of people who have lost or are struggling with these abilities because of a disease such as Parkinsons.
  • Swallowing and other upper aerodigestive issues- this issue comes most often with infants because of feeding or aeromechanical events. This can also touch in sensory awareness issues regarding the clients ability to properly swallow or any other aerodigestive functions.

Of course different speech therapists will have different specialties and experience in the realm of voice issues and speech problems. The best way to find a speech therapist in your area that is capable of fixing any specific issue that you are trying to deal with is by either talking to your current doctor to see if they know any information about the speech therapists in the area or by looking online. There are a number of different data bases put together by professional organizations of speech therapists or ever government health lists. From this you should be able to get a substantial amount of information that can lead you in the right direction to find a local speech therapist that will know what the best steps to take are for any particular problem or condition. Once you find a few highly recommended speech therapists in your area, you can start making appointments and talking to them to find out what they think the best options are to fix the problems that you are currently dealing with. By talking to each of the speech therapists, you should be able to have a clearer idea on which speech therapist will be best able to match your needs and get you on the road to more confident and clear speaking.

Steel Buildings are a great option for storage

The use of steel to manufacture buildings and homes has greatly impacted the way that we live our lives. The history of the steel industry is long and winding, but it has brought us to a place today where steel is one of the most valued resources. Before steel was able to be massed produced, it was used mainly for weapons and other small, expensive items. In the mid 19th century, a system was invented that allowed for the bulk production of steel. This invention completely changed the game. Steel started to be mass produced for all types of buildings and dwelling spaces, as well as the rail roads. With the mass production of steel came a better understanding of the properties of the product. Contracts and manufacturers began to realize that the strength and durability of steel was very high, and that the material contained great potential. In the beginning, Britain was the main source for the production of steel and nearly half of their steel was exported to the United States. After a while the United States realized that they could easily produce their own steel and soon became the world leader in steel production.

These days steel is still one of the most commonly utilized building materials for both industrial and commercial needs. Steel has proven to be one of the strongest and most durable building materials in the world, and the industry continues to make advances to improve their product. Even in the last ten years the steel industry has made great strides to increase the strength and durability of their product. There are many benefits to choosing steel for your construction needs. That being said, not all steel building manufacturing companies are the same. Capital Steel is one of the world’s leading steel building manufacturing companies and has many unique qualities that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Capital Steel prides itself on high quality products and high quality service. They set the standards high for the rest of the steel and metal building industry. With Capital Steel you are given options about how you want your building project to be completed. If you are hoping to be able to support your local economy with your construction project, not to worry. One of the things that makes Capital Steel so wonderful and unique is that they offer their clients the option to work directly with Capital Steel Corporate, or to work with a local authorized contractor. Capital Steel has authorized contractors all over the country who work locally to support the local economy. Regardless of which option you choose, Capital Steel guarantees that your steel building project will not be complete until it meets all of their highest quality standards. Capital Steel wants to help you to get your money’s worth when it comes to steel and metal building consturction. Their excellent communication skills and standards will help to make your project as easy and stress free as possible. If you are in need of a steel building contractor, call Capital Steel today!

Capital Steel Industries

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The Lollipop Park is a timeless venue for children’s parties

If you’re looking for a place to hold your child’s next birthday party, I have the perfect spot.  I know there are tons of places around to have parties, but they usually end up costing a fortune and the kids don’t necessarily have that much fun for the price.  The Lollipop Park has two locations in Colorado and California and can provide the right amount of fun for the right price.  They don’t have complicated party packages or minimum numbers, they just invite you to bring your party to their fun center to do what you wish.

indoor play centerDepending on the day, you will pay between $12 and $15 per child for endless riding privileges.  The rides include carousels, bouncy houses, trains, swings, teacups, whips, ferris wheels, and fun mirrors.  It is basically a whole amusement park for children located indoors so that even in the middle of winter your birthday boy or girl can enjoy some outdoor-type fun.  In addition to rides there are games, prizes, and food to keep the kids happy.  The only thing that you need to provide is the cake with plates and utensils, if you choose to have one.  You can order kids meals, pizza, snacks and drinks from the concession area.

The Lollipop Park has been around for over 30 years, so they definitely have the experience to know what kids want.  That’s also why they don’t require deposits, minimum head counts, or time limits on parties.  They even welcome walk-ins if you’re planning something last minute.  This type of company just wants you to have a place to enjoy yourselves and to watch your kids have a blast.  The owners of the Lollipop Park have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the park equipment to ensure they have provided the safest rides that still provide the most fun.  And because they are invested in their community, the Lollipop park offers help to charities all year long.  When you walk into the park you will see hundreds of thank-you letters from charities that have benefitted from such a great community partner.  In addition to that, they also have served thousands of loyal patrons over the years that continue to come back to experience the fun of the park.

For ease and convenience, you can book your child’s party online and specify any special requests if you require them.  You can bring in your own decorations in addition to the cake if you would like, and trust that there will be lots of room for your party to spread out and have a great time.  The park has been given so many great reviews over the years that they have become a solidified element of the community.  It’s an ideal place to host a large party or just an afternoon of family fun with young children.  But even if your kids are getting a bit older, there are other options within the park to host parties for them as well.  You can book parties for laser tag, the fun zone, mini golf, the rock wall, and ice skating.

Experts say that we are in need of more eco-reserves

It seems to be a nearly indisputable fact that every expert now agrees on, we are in need of something new in order to prevent the increase of the temperatures around the planet. This was once called global warming, but now it more accurately is referenced as climate change. While the climate is getting warmer at some times of the year in some places, it is getting colder in other places. These changes are drastically different than the normal weather as we know it in these parts of the world, and the effects we are seeing lately have been devastating. In Indonesia, there has been a significant loss of rainforest, and with that has been a drastic decrease in the number of orangutan populations. While in that part of the world there is an organization that is responding to this loss, the Rimba Raya Reserve is working tirelessly to avoid the complete and total loss of forest and orangutans, there are not enough of these organizations to combat effectively the current rate of loss. The climate experts all agree that something must be done quickly to change the tide that we are experiencing, but they are not all in agreement that enough can be done to change the course that we are already on. Many do agree that anything that is done from here on out can have a beneficial effect on the global climate, but that it will not be enough to reverse the effects of what has already been done around the world. With Rimba Raya Reserve, they have been a drastic resurgence in the local orangutan population, and they have also been able to increase the quality of life of the local communities that are living around the reserve. These two things make their entire efforts worthwhile, even if they are proven to be less successful at having an effect on the global climate due to their efforts to stem the loss of rainforest acreage.

In the end, it can be proven that the Rimba Raya eco-reserve has been carbon positive and completely effective in that realm. rimba rayaThat is why they have been certified by so many organizations and are able to sell carbon credits to those who are unable or unwilling to reduce or end their carbon emissions. However, this is an important element of the types of eco-reserves that we are needing more of, because the more we have organizations working to preserve the forests and become certified to offer carbon credits, the less carbon we will have being released into the atmosphere with less forests to capture and contain it. This is just the thing that we need more of, and those experts who all agree on the problem, also agree on the solution. This is where we are, and that is what we need. More organizations working like Rimba Raya, in different regions of the world, to help protect forests and also to help generate income for local populations using methods that do not involve deforestations.

Self Storage is the Obvious Choice, for those Who want to Store Their Items, in a Location that is Both Safe and Secure.

self storageAmerica, the nation once known for its vast open spaces, is now beginning to experience a bit of a space shortage, at least in some urban areas.  In some larger cities, rent prices for even smaller apartments and houses are getting fairly exorbitant, and many people who move to these areas find themselves in a smaller living spaces than what they are accustomed to.  While you can get used to a smaller bathroom and kitchen, many people are faced with a difficult choice, when it comes to what to do with all of their excess stuff that does not fit into their new apartment or house.  For many, self storage is the obvious choice, as it enables you to store your items, in a location that is safe and secure.

Because of this increased need for more storage space, self storage rental has become a truly massive and pervasive industry, in the United States.  While choosing to store your possessions in a storage unit can be a great idea, it is crucial that you have found a good storage company.  Some of them are very safe and reliable locations in which to store your things, while others are not, and you need to know the simple ways to tell the difference.  One easy way to spot a bad storage rental facility is by noticing their security systems.  If they do not have a top-of-the-line, comprehensive security system, you should not rely upon them to store your possessions.  After all, what is the point of paying money to store something if there is a good chance it will be stolen, anyway?

As for the specifics of what makes up a good security system, there are three main components.  You need to have actual personnel, to patrol the grounds and make sure that nothing is happening.  Furthermore, you need to have a series of security cameras, so you can catch perpetrators, in the act, as well as, hopefully, prevent crimes from happening.  The final layer of protection, which is arguably the most critical, is the locking mechanism, itself.  Every storage unit needs to be one hundred percent secure, and the only way to be sure of this is to have an impenetrable lock, which can only be opened if you have the proper code, key, or both.

Beyond security, there are other factors that make a self storage company worth hiring.  For one thing, the price is always a factor.  It is not so much the rate itself that is unreasonable, but a lot of companies will charge you a bunch of silly fees for things that should honestly not be considered separate charges.  With a good self storage company, though, you pay one flat rate for one month of storage, and you will not be overcharged, after the fact.  Though it is considered ideal to limit your possessions to what you need, there is no good reason to get rid of a bunch of perfectly good stuff that you still want and would like to use.


Self Storage Rental May be the Way to Go.

self storage rentalWhatever the reason, people in the United States have more possessions than they ever had before.  Despite the fact that people are able to afford more possessions than they could in the past, the price of rent and real estate has increased, at a dramatic rate.  For this reason, people are running out of storage space, in their homes, for all of their many possessions.  Donations and garage sales are always an option, but sometimes you simply do not have enough space, even for the things that you really need.  If this happens, self storage rental may be the way to go.  Self storage rental is a major industry, nowadays, because so many people are in this exact situation.

There are a few extremely common situations that force people to rent storage units, in order to house their possessions.  One of them is moving.  There are two ways in which moving can force you to rent a storage unit.  First of all, if you are ever between your two residences, for even a few days, you will need a storage unit large enough for all of your possessions.  After all, you cannot bring your furniture with you to stay at a hotel or with relatives, but you also cannot pay an extra month’s rent, just for your stuff to be safe.  The other way in which moving can force you into getting a storage unit is if you are moving into a smaller place, and you will no longer have enough room for everything that you own.  In this situation, you may not need quite as large of a storage unit, but you will likely need it for a lot longer.  In fact, if you are planning on living there, for awhile, and you are not planning to get rid of those possessions, you essentially must rent your storage unit indefinitely.  Fortunately, some storage rental companies actually offer mini storage rental.  These units are significantly less expensive than the larger ones, which makes them the better option for those who need to store a few things, for a long time.

Nonetheless, no matter what your reason is for needing storage space or how long you will need it for, you need to be sure that you are not being taken advantage of by the storage company.  Unfortunately, there are some storage companies that do overcharge their customers, and they do this by using small hidden fees, which they apply for minuscule aspects of service that should be included in the price of storage rental.  You need to do some research on the storage companies, in your area, so you can avoid the ones that are likely to take advantage of you.  The best companies have monthly rates that do not change, for silly reasons.  In general, you should avoid signing long-term contracts, as month-to-month is pretty much customary, when it comes to good self storage rental businesses.  Storage units and mini storage units are sometimes necessary, but you do not need to get charged exorbitant rates, to use them.


Lifelong renter recommends carpet cleaning when moving out

There are many people in this country who never buy homes for any number of reasons. Some of them can never save up the proper down payment, and others prefer to not be tied down to one place and like to move around a lot. Some have unsteady or inconsistent employment and like the flexibility of not being tied into a mortgage. There are pros and cons to this process, certainly, but some lifelong renters have come up with the following six pieces of advice for even those who are just looking to rent for the short term.

1. Read every word of your lease before signing. In fact, read it twice. If you do not understand something or do not agree with a responsibility being placed upon you – such as cleaning gutters – then say so. You might be able to negotiate your way out of it. If not, at least you know exactly what you are getting into ahead of time.

2. upholstery cleaningAlways leave a paper trail. Whether it is a security deposit or any given month’s rent check, be sure there is some documentation: a canceled check, a cashier’s check, an email receipt, or anything similar. It does not matter what, but you need to have a record that you paid your landlord every month, and the same goes for the security deposit that was put down.

3. Be minimal with decorating if you can. Lots of holes in the walls from hanging paintings requires filling in when you leave, and painting any walls means they have to be painted back. All of this has to happen on your dime.

4. Consider saving up for and hiring carpet cleaners before leaving, especially if you have pets. Typically the rate you can get for carpet cleaning is going to be way better than what a landlord is going to deduct from your security deposit. If you do not want to pay for carpet cleaning, you have to keep the place meticulous and you have to document anything the moment you set foot in the place to the moment you leave, so that any damage or spots cannot be charged to you. Most tenants are not good at documenting this correctly, and can frequently get stuck with carpet cleaning bills deducted from their security deposits.

5. Beyond just carpet cleaning, document the condition of the home with lots of time stamped and dated photographs when you move in. Photograph everything: windows, floors, appliances, and even whether the place was clean enough or not. This will be important and a helpful tool for you to look back at when you are preparing to leave.

6. When leaving, do everything you can to leave the home in exactly the same condition it was in when you moved in. This is the best way to get your full security deposit back, and if you have followed step #5 above, you will have documentation against which to compare then and now. This will help you figure out if that mark on the wall or that scratch was there when you moved in, or if you need to fix it yourself.

5 reasons to host a sex toy party


Have you been thinking of picking up a second job to make ends meet? Perhaps you have considered working at a restaurant in town on the weekends but you aren’t too thrilled at the prospect of giving up your free time. Many people are motivated by the need for cash to get a second job but are hesitant to make such sacrifices. One thing that many women may overlook as a great source of income (not to mention fun and free products) is hosting sex toy parties. Companies like Tasteful Treasures offer all the tools, toys and supplies necessary to set their consultants up for success. As a reward you can make great money and even get up to ten percent of your sales applied to credit at their store! If those reasons aren’t enough, here are five more why you should contact Tasteful Treasures today to get started selling the best vibrators, lingerie and adult sex toys on the market.

1. The first reason is that there is potential to make great money selling sex toys. You may not know it but many of your friends and people you work with probably have or will purchase a sex toy like a vibrator in the near future. Sex is a basic need that we all have to satisfy, be the one to cash in on it!

2. You can’t have more fun than this and still call it work. Many of the people who have hosted adult novelty toy parties in the past have come back and given enthusiastic reviews. You will be selling the highest quality vibrators, lingerie and sex toys so it is easy to get passionate and feel confident about the product you are pitching. The parties are informal and fun and can be hosted anywhere!

3. Free stuff. If you sign up to be a consultant and sell sex toys with Tasteful Treasures they will offer you a percentage kick-back for every dollar you sell. This means that not only are you making great money and having fun, but you are getting your own free sex toys too! Just think of how fun and improved your own sex life could be.

4. Choose your own hours. What other job lets you choose what days and times you work? What other job allows you to put in as many or as few hours a week as you want? It is hard to find a job that allows this level of freedom and flexibility. Make as much or little as you want, there are no quotas to meet here.

5. You will be helping your friends and loved ones spice up their relationships. By becoming a consultant for Tasteful Treasures you are doing so much more than simply selling sex toys. You will surely hear stories from those who have attended your parties about how things have really changed in their sex lives.

Contact Tasteful Treasures today and ask about how you can become a consultant and sell their amazing line of sex toys and adult novelty products!

It helps to get some professional decorating help

I have always felt that there are a large number of things that people can do for themselves but often go out and hire help. Some people just feel better about getting help so that they will hopefully do something better than they would have done on their own. One of the segments where I do understand this push though is when it comes to home decoration. Some people do really well on their own and are able to figure out what blinds go best with their couch and how to pick out a wall accent color from one tiny thing in the room. For the majority of us though when we try to do something like this it kind of turns into a bit of a disaster.

Since your home is one of those things that you are going to have to deal with and see every day, as well as have other people around and seeing it all of the time, it is worth it to go and have the bit of help from a professional so that you do not have to live with your poor decorating choices.

window coveringsA lot of the time if you know that you want to replace a few things around your house such as the furniture or even something smaller such as just replacing your window coverings, a number of the blinds and drapes retailers will be happy to help you with all of the decisions you are going to face regarding not only the functionality questions such as how important is it for your window coverings to be green and reduce your heating and cooling costs, what size the window coverings should be in order to fit properly or how much light and privacy are you looking for in your window coverings; but also the design questions such as which style of window coverings would look best in that particular room and what colors and patters should be used to make the window coverings match well with everything else in the room. The design experts at Lanera Decorating can help you find answers to all of these questions and any others you might come across. They can help show you examples of things that you might like as well as nicely give you a little push away from things that will not work well for your wants and needs.

Once you have a little bit of help deciding what window coverings will work best for your home, whether it is Hunter Douglas Blinds or Shades or some kind of very environmentally friendly Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades, you can start figuring out things such as colors and patterns. Once you have figured out one thing in the room it becomes much easier to start taking bits and pieces off the one object and using those same colors and patterns to decide on other things around the room. From what I have learned about decorating over the years is it is always better to pick one thing and go off of it for everything else rather than picking everything individually. 

Gluten Free Foods: Dietary Trends

What is a gluten free diet, anyway?  Many of us are starting to see an abundance of new (and sometimes expensive) products adorning the bread shelves of our grocery stores.  Gluten free foods, the newest dietary trend, are becoming increasingly popular as our understanding of how wheat gluten impacts our digestive systems grows.  For people diagnosed with celiac disease, the protein gluten (which is found in wheat, barley, rye and other grains) causes inflammation of the small intestines.  This inflammation is painful, and certainly motivating enough to remove gluten from the diet as a primary treatment option. Gluten Free Foods

Where did this large array of gluten free foods originate? As celiacs started getting proper diagnosis, the demand for gluten free foods increased.  Companies scrambled to meet the demand, but the difficulty of producing gluten free flour substitutes resulted in expensive products that did not taste great.  In recent years, the gluten free diet has began to intrigue people without celiac disease who experience stomach inflammation.  Some of those folks have discovered they are sensitive to the gluten protein without being diagnosed with celiac disease.  However, the initial and recommended purpose of the gluten free diet option is primarily to treat celiac.

For anyone, gluten free dieting is a big change from standard grocery shopping.  In the past, finding acceptable substitutes for all the grain-laden products on the shelves was incredibly difficult.  As this dietary treatment becomes part of the nutritional world, the quality, price and variety of gluten free foods has vastly improved.  The list of allowed foods is a lot longer than you would think.  There are really only a few food products that will agitate the stomachs of those with celiac disease.  Barley, Rye, Triticale, and Wheat are the four grains known to agitate intestinal inflammation.  If you have been diagnosed with celiac, or have intestinal problems that you have not had diagnosed by a proper doctor, it certainly can’t hurt to schedule an appointment to determine if gluten free foods might be part of your future diet.

Logistics and Warehousing for Colorado

Logistics and Warehousing in ColoradoIf you are a large-scale retailer with national transportation lines, you are certainly familiar with the logistics and warehousing challenges presented when navigating through the Rocky Mountains.  Even a skilled and licensed trucker can face massive difficulty and danger when trying to ascend and descend the treacherous mountain passes that are standard fare for mountain travelers.  Any smart logistics team knows that managing travel through the rocky mountains takes careful planning to ensure efficient and safe transportation and distribution of goods.  Many truckers have had to suffer through the catastrophic distasters that accompany strong winds through mountain passes across Colorado, and with proper planning and scheduling those disasters can be reduced and avoided altogether.

The technology and tools we have at our disposal are more than sufficient to reduce the danger and error of transportation and distribution in today’s world.  The logistics power of supercomputers combined with the pinpoint-accuracy of GPS technology enables third-party logistics providers to offer comprehensive solutions to companies with problems in their logistics, warehousing and distribution departments.  There is no excuse for your shipments to arrive late or damaged.  Thanks to the dedicated engineers and technicians designing the logistics systems of the future, we will continue to see safer truckers and more efficient transportaiton for the future.

Without proper logisitics for the warehousing and distribution aspects of your business, your products will not be ready for the shelves when the time comes.  It is critical that you ensure the safe transport of your products to the shelves, otherwise you place your operations at unnecessary risk.