If You Think Your Phone Is Too Damaged To Repair You Might Be Wrong

While on a business trip in Washington D.C. I accidentally dropped my brand new phone down the stairs in my hotel. I was so annoyed because I had only had this phone for a few days. I had finally finished adding all the contacts that morning and was having fun learning about all of its new gadgets and features. Who takes the stairs at a hotel anyway? I was only on the third floor and there were a bunch of people waiting for the elevator so I thought I would be healthy about it and walk up the stairs instead. While I was walking up my phone rang and I took it out of my pocket but fumbled with it a bit and dropped it on the cement steps. It didn’t’ just land there either and stop, it bounced off of the first step and them tumbled all the way down to the landing. The concrete really did a number on it. The screen was completely shattered and the corners were chipped. Later I realized that something got knocked loose near the charging port so it wouldn’t even charge.

iphone repairI still had a few days to go at the conference that I was in town for, so I hoped that maybe I could find a phone repair service around the D.C. area that might perform miracles. I honestly did not think my broken phone was at a stage where it could be repaired but I wanted to at least check because otherwise I would have to get a brand new one again and I didn’t want to spend the time or the money on that. After sulking for a little bit I took the elevator back down to the hotel lobby to ask the concierge if they knew of a spot that I could go to for repairs and they actually did. The concierge said that it wasn’t a very common question in his line of work but he had actually just broken his own phone and found a place in the city that did repairs and replacements pretty quickly and for an honest price. He wrote down the company name and address and said if anyone could fix my phone, they could.

I really hoped that this place could help me out so I went to see them right then. For the next few days I would be in conferences so I didn’t think I would have time to later.  I found the place the concierge spoke of and met with a repair technician who did a few inspections on the phone first.  He told me that luckily all of the damage, aside from the shifted charging connection was external and could easily be replaced with new plates and a new screen.  As for the charging port, it would easily be fixed just by tightening up the connections again. All in all, my phone could be repaired in a few hours despite its grim appearance. I was elated at this news and almost kissed the guy. He had my phone completely done in a few hours and the rest of my trip went on as if nothing had ever happened.

Leave the trade show booth deign up to the professionals.

Trade shows can be a great way to gain new clients and customers. If you are going to attend a trade show as a vendor then you need to do it right. Always be prepared and do not ever go without putting some thought into your booth. There are so many do’s and don’ts it can be hard to keep track of all of them but it is really important to stick to the “rules” in order to have a successful trade show. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure that you have a great experience.

Dress professionally. A sloppy appearance shows a lack of interest. You should be wearing some sort of uniform or be able to identify yourself with the company. If none of these is an option then dress as though you would for an interview. People will find you professional and approachable and will also listen more carefully to what you have to say then if you are dressed sloppily.

Greet customers with open ended questions. It is very natural to want to ask questions like, “how are you?” or “how is the show going?” these questions are not conversation starters and will not engage anyone walking by to stop at your booth. You should also avoid asking questions like, “May I help you?”. This leaves the conversation up to the customer and can end quickly.

Smile at customers. Smiling at a customer means that you are open to talking to them and invites them into your booth. People like to engage with others who are friendly and inviting. Sour faces do not attract new customers.

Don’t talk on the phone. Today just about everyone has a cell phone attached to their hip. If you are in the booth do not ever take a call. Especially if it is a personal conversation. This is extremely rude and tells customers that you have more important things to deal with than them. If you really need to take a call then make sure that someone else is also at the booth and then excuse yourself to take your phone call.

Watch your behavior. When you are on breaks you are still representing your company and your behavior should reflect that. Refrain from bad language and inappropriate remarks. If you attend a dinner or drinks after the trade show the same applies. You never know who is going to be around and might notice that you have bad behavior. This may cost you and your company.

Don’t collect in groups with other members of the team. It is easy to start a ring of conversation and leave out your customers. Make sure that you are always on the look out for someone who is approaching your booth and immediately cease from conversation with coworkers to make sure that the customer feels important.

By following these guidelines you will have a successful trade show experience. It takes hard work but in the end it will be very rewarding.

trade show booth

My mom is going to get a facelift and I couldn’t be happier for her.

My mom came to me the other day and told me that she was thinking about getting a facelift. This was quite shocking to me because I didn’t ever think my mother would want to do something like that but for some reason her pushing sixty really made her feel Raval MDcompelled to take some power into her own hands. At first I felt a little opposed to the procedure but then she convinced me that this was something she had thought about for a long time and really wanted. So I told her that I would help her find the right plastic surgeon for her in the metro Denver area. That is when I found out about Raval MD. They are a plastic surgery company where Dr. Raval works. You might have seen Dr. Raval on the news because he often talks about the latest and greatest in the plastic surgery industry. I would trust Dr. Raval to give my mom a facelift or a lifestyle lift which is another procedure that has a similar affect and take less time for the procedure and for healing.

My mom is really excited about her facelift because she has a high school reunion coming up and she didn’t make it to the last two. Some of these people that she is going to see she hasn’t seen for years and years. I know she is going to be excited to show off how wonderful and young she looks at the reunion. I know her ex-boyfriend from high school is going to be there and also that he just went through a divorce. They have been facebook messaging each other and I think perhaps that she wants to go out on a date with him when she gets to her home town.

I will highly suggest that my mother go see Dr. Raval to do her facelift and possibly even some botox if that’s what she wants in the future. I know that she really cares about how she looks and wants to take great care in making sure she still looks like herself but just a little younger. I am sure that she will find the kind of look that she desires if she chooses to go to Raval MD. I am actually really happy for her for taking care of herself in a way that feels good to her. And I know that Dr. Raval will help take care of her. My mom was always well liked when she was in high school and I know that she is going to be well liked again at the reunion. She doesn’t necessarily need plastic surgery but the thing about plastic surgery is it’s about what makes you feel good. My mom and any man or woman deserves to do to their body what makes them feel good. I can’t wait to hear how her reunion goes and to see if things go nicely with her and her ex from high school. I think they will probably hit it off really well.

Raval MD

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Suite 132

Denver, CO 80209

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Tips When Choosing a Reliable Mover

moversThe process of looking for reliable moving services may seem to be hectic. However, wise searching maybe of great benefit, with little hassle. The following five tips will help you to get a dependable mover, as well as, save you some money.

1. Getting recommendations from friends and family members

Your family members and friends can be helpful when looking for a reliable mover. A friend or a family member, who is close to you, can assist you to get a good mover. He or she will refer you to the best moving company that offer best services according to his or her past experience. A close person to you will give assistance when making moving estimate costs. It is advisable to avoid getting information from people who have never used any moving service. Also, when finding a moving company online, try to avoid scams from some sites that claim to be brokers. A reliable moving company doesn’t depend on its size, but delivery of services. Therefore, don’t rush to make a deal with a company because of its fame and big name.

2. Have at least three moving companies to estimate your move at home

A company should give you a written binding estimate, or a binding not-to-exceed estimate. Different moving companies will have different estimate values based on the time to be taken for entire move. Non binding, on the other hand, is not always the best since at the end the cost of moving must be greater than the estimates. Moving cost varies according to rules and regulations governing moving services. For instance, moving across states, estimates are made based on the weight of goods and distance to be covered. Moving within the same state usually requires the moving company to issue a written and signed biding estimate.

3. Authenticity and experience in moving service industry

A moving company that has been in the industry for quite some time shows ability to offer quality service. The company should be experienced enough on handling fragile items and babies. Therefore, a reliable company should have moved countless kids and fragile goods. Authenticity is quite necessary especially when moving from state to another. However, even when moving within the state border, moving license of a company is important. Ensure the moving license number is valid before settling with the company. You should also verify whether the moving company is insured. It is important to ensure that your goods are covered by insurance policy before you start relocating. If it’s not, then look for a supplemental insurance policy.

4. The online reviews of the moving company

First of all, check whether the company is registered with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Again, check its rating with BBB, as well as the reviews by clients who used the company’s services. Social media can help you know more about clients’ experience with the company. If the reviews are positive, the moving company is reliable. On the other hand, if reviews are negative, avoid the company totally. A reliable company should have a good reputation, through winning some awards for good service provision. A company that is well reputed is a good one. Good reputation means that the company neither overcharge services, nor under delivers services.

5. Examine the rates a company charges

In most cases, rates of moving may vary according to seasons. There are low and high peak seasons. High peak seasons occur during weekends, holidays, and end months; while low peak occurs during week days. During high peak, rates tend to rise up since more people are moving, while low peak rates are low. Therefore, if you want to save some money avoid moving during high peak seasons.


Being a doctor can be hard enough as it is, with the lives of people in your hands and the constant stress of being on call, sleeping weird hours and always trying to stay on top of the entire new medical journal that they release 9 or 10 times a month. Besides this, there is the added responsibility of helping people outside the hospital, if an emergency situation arises. I have been on board six different flights where I was called to help a passenger with an emergency.  Then there is the constant street consultants, this happens when I am in the men’s room or at the super market. A person will walk up to me and show me a spot they have on their skin and ask me what I think it is. Most of the time it is a freckle or a small irritation and I really do not live being bothered out of the office about people’s petty skin worries, besides that I am a Neurosurgeon not a dermatologist. The other day, when I was trying to walk my dog before I went into the office, one of my neighbors stops me on the street to ask about some lower back pain he has been having. I try to be polite but it is hard to hide my growing irritation with people. They just do not respect my private time.

However there is one thing which bothers me above all other, and that is when people think that because I am a neurosurgeon, that I can help them like a shrink could. I would like the whole world to know that a neurosurgeon does not do the same thing as a shrink. When you have a brain tumor that you need to be operated, you can come see me and I will perform a brain surgery on you but when you are feeling anxiety over the death of a family member or when you are not able to sleep because of the trust issues you are having with your wife, then please, go see a shrink! I am not the same as a mental health professional and I cannot give anyone advice about what they should do as far as emotional issues are concerned.

I mean, I can manage with the constant stream of physical health issues that people pour down on me, every single day but I am not going to listen to one m ore person ask me what they think of a dream they had where they were dancing with their dead grandmothers. Just because the brain is the area where mental health issues take place, does not mean that because I work with the brain, I can somehow help the entire world with their emotional issues. So, once and for all, I am asking the entire community to stay away from me when they have emotional problems. I am willing to help out when I can with some physical health issues but no more shrink questions please, after all I am not a shrink I am a neurosurgeon.

Marketing is a very important aspect of any successful law firm.

Hiring a lawyer can feel like a pretty big deal. By hiring a lawyer you are admitting to yourself and everyone around you that you have reached a point where you can no longer fend for yourself legally. It is kind of like calling an ambulance. Once you call an ambulance  you have crossed the point of knowing how to deal with whatever is happening. I hired my first lawyer this year after a major dispute with the property management company from whom I rent my apartment. I returned home one day and found that my apartment had flooded because my upstairs neighbor had failed to turn on his heat when it was negative fifteen degrees outside. Don’t even get me started on him. Anyway, everything in my apartment was destroyed due to this burst pipe. All the art on my walls, all of my furniture, all of my clothes. It was devastating. Even more devastating was the way in which my property management company chose to deal with the situation.

attorney website designMy property management company forced me to find a place to store all of my belongings while the apartment was being repaired and never offered me any options of places that I could live while my apartment was uninhabitable. In the end I was out of my apartment for an entire month and forced to stay with friends and live out of suitcases during that time. When I asked to be reimbursed for the month’s rent and the damage to my personal property, the property management company refused. I immediately responded to let them know that I would be hiring an attorney. The problem was, I didn’t have one.

I got online and started to search for attorneys in my area. Lawyer Marketing strategies can be a little weird these days so I had to be specific about the type of lawyer that I was looking for when searching on the internet. While I was searching for a lawyer online I came to realize how much of a factor attorney website design can be in recruiting potential clients. Some of the attorney website’s that I saw were horribly out of date and appeared unprofessional. When I saw those sites I would immediately back out and cross them off of my list. If an attorney can not maintain quality website design, how could they possibly be fit to represent me in a court of law? Once I realized how quickly I was judging each attorney based on their website design, I couldn’t stop noticing what types of websites I was attracted to and which ones I was not. I was surprised to realize how much font choice impacted whether or not I would consider a certain lawyer to represent my case. Also, things like background colors and ease of navigation seemed to have a greater affect on my decision. Eventually I found a great lawyer who also had a great website. I was sold after our first conversation where he confessed to me how much he loved to take down evil property management companies.

Colorado has many ranches for sale.

I had the opportunity to grow up in a small community and that is something that I am very thankful for.  It has instilled in me a sense of community and personal trust and the want to make sure that every family has the opportunity to live in a community like the one in which I grew up.  As cheesy as that sounds, it is the truth and it is something that I will work toward for the rest of my life.  I grew up in a town called, Fort COllins and although a lot has changed through the years, it is still very similar to the town that I called home for thirteen years.  Some of the biggest changes are around the development of the town.  Colorado as a whole has experienced this and I feel like Fort Collins in particular is a special place and a good example of some of the changes.

Colorado ranches for saleOne of the most striking changes for me is the sale of a number of the ranches around the city.  Colorado has been undergoing major changes to the cities because they were made so large to begin with, many of them are only able to develop through urban infill.  This is exactly what is happening in Fort Collins.  There is a ranch for sale a couple of blocks from my house and there is a lot of debate around what it will become.  There is some thought that it will become a golf course and other people are saying that it will become a mixed income housing development.  For me and my family, I think that both of these options are pretty poor and I would much rather see the land remained undeveloped.  The difficulty with that is that so much of the land has already been developed around the city that all of the future projects have to be part of the infill process: the process of developing in the spaces that have yet to experience development.

A number of the ranches for sale throughout Colorado are a product of this infill development trend.  As a result, we are seeing lots of people start to actually reverse the trend and begin to settle outside of the cities.  In the Denver Metro area, I have seen several recent transplants, with whom I am familiar, choose to live in a place like Parker instead of a more traditional suburb like LIttleton.  I have to imagine that this is largely due to the fact that they want to be able to experience some of the open spaces that are available in the community.  I am sure that there are many ranches for sale in Parker, Colorado, as well, but my hope there is that there is enough wealth that they will be bought out by a horse farm or somehting like that and kept more open.  Or another option is that the community tries to buy the land together and leave it in a trust.  There is enough wealth out there for that too.

Air conditioning repair can be an easy process.

There are a number of ways to go about improving your home, but first I think that it is necessary to take a look at what you consider to be the most important things in your possession.  Think about all of the different ways you could improve upon what you have and then look at your home to see if there is anything that overlaps.  Chances are you want more of everything and there is nothing wrong with that.  Instead of becoming embarrassed by your wants, remember that we live in a materialistic culture and that is something that we value.  Nevertheless, the reason why I do this is so that people can come up with different ways of thinking about how they can make their lives more meaningful.  Yes, we all have bills to pay and sometimes we feel particularly emotional about something even though there is not a good reason behind it.  It still does not matter and it’s a great way to encourage more and more people to go to test themselves when they are doubting.

ac repairThere are a ton of NPR specials right now that talk about all of the ways that people improve upon their stress levels.  What we know is that everyone is stressed, but the difference between a number of the people that are experiencing stress is that some are doing it in a healthy way.  They segment their daily stress from the stress that is important to them. One way to do this is through the utilization of the resources around you.  If your AC unit goes out, there is nothing that you can do about it and there is no reason to be stressed.  All you have to do is call the AC repair shop. Their job is to make sure that the process is as easy as possible for you, so there is really no reason to be stressed if it goes out.  Of course, if you live in Abu Dhabi and your AC goes out, that is an entirely different situation and it is probably an okay thing that you are stressed.  Nevertheless, I am one of those people that thinks the most important thing is that people understand how to best manage their stress levels.  Another thing that you can do is to develop an understanding of the causes of the air conditioning break down.  One of the best things that you can also do is to get your heater repaired before winter.  We know that there is a lot that can happen if you do not have your ducks in a row before the winter, so I strongly suggest reaching out to your local heating and cooling shop for an estimate.

Being able to do all of these things ahead of time will help you to make sure that you are all set and will not be more stressed out than you need to be.  I just hope you do it sooner rather than later in the year.


Shutters Can Save You Lots of Money!


Let’s face it, everyone today is doing their best to save as much money as possible.  There’s nothing wrong with this at all, as people are always trying to do their best to provide for themselves and their loved ones as much as possible.  With any outcome, people are always looking for new and ideal ways to save money.  Some people choose to reuse the plastic containers they get their cold cuts in, and then use them to store other kinds of food in the kitchen, as opposed to going out and buying brand new plastic containers.  While this might seem like a left field kind of move, it still saves money, and this kind of ingenuity definitely pays off in the long term.  In addition to this simple money saving technique, people are also combining their home furnishings with additional savings.  While most people might not be aware of this, a set of shutters installed throughout your home will eventually save you money by reducing your cooling bills!  You see, a fully closed set of blinds will keep out a significant amount of heat from the sunlight, especially in the bright and shiny spring and summer months.  Even though there is the initial purchase of these sets of blinds, the investment in these is still extremely affordable, and they will eventually pay for themselves from the added savings of your cooling bill!


Not only are these new sets of shades or shutters going to save you a great deal of money, but they will also give you the right amount of style and flair for your home, while still being able to compliment the rest of your home decorations!  If you’re looking for something to add that simple touch, definitely make it a point to go to House of Blinds, as they have a showroom floor full of all kinds of varieties of blinds and shades.  If you’re looking for the perfect match, make it a point to take a few pictures of your living situation, and show the talented and friendly customer service representatives, as they will be more than able to choose the perfect set of custom window coverings that will make each and every one of your rooms pop with that special kind of design and flair.


Once again, the benefits of purchasing and installing a new set of shutters will save you a significant amount of money.  Always make it a point to ask the good people at House of Blinds if there are any sales or rebates offered on sets of blinds or shutters, as they can certainly make the difference when you are looking at your budget.  Either way, once you take them home (only to find that they are extremely easy to install), you’ll soon find that their cooling benefits will eventually pay for the price of the shutters themselves!  So, instead of having to save those little plastic tubs for extra kitchen storage, make it a point to invest in a quality set of shutters to help you save money over time!

Looking for an egg donor agency

We started our search last year, when we discovered that we were no longer able to have any children. Its possible that we waited too long, or that we were never really going to be able to have them on our own. But we wanted to start a family, and we knew that there were other options out there, we just needed to look into them and do some research. We started looking for an egg donor agency, because it seemed that the best solution was going to be using an egg donor to help me get pregnant. We didn’t want to have to use a surrogate, and it seemed that I would have no problems with being pregnant, it was just becoming pregnant on our own that was not going to work. We ended up discovering an agency called Surrogate Mothers Inc, and they were able to help explain the whole egg donation process to us, and really help us get fully aware and understanding of what the process was and what we would be required to do. egg donationIt is not cheap to get eggs donated, and once you have them you also need several appointments with doctors who will then help you to become pregnant with those eggs. While it is not simple or quick, it does work in the long run if you have the ability to stick with it and keep a positive attitude.

We had a lot of options out there, from the egg donation agency we first discovered and got most of our information from, to all the other agencies that are out there and helpful. We had a lot to sift through in terms of medical information and all the potential risks and problems that could arise in the process. After considering our options and also realizing how much we had already tried on our road to get here, we decided that egg donation was going to be our next step. There are many agencies out there that you can choose to work with, and in the end we found the one that we felt the most comfortable at and that would work with us in the way that we felt positive about. It is a long process, and we have yet to get pregnant. But we feel that we are on the right road and that we will end up there eventually. The most wonderful part so far as been all the women who are willing to donate their eggs and who continue to replenish the stocks that are out there and available. There would not be any options for women in my position if these other women did not exist. They have essentially given me the ability to get pregnant and work on a family, and that is what we have been the most grateful for up to this point. If we ever need a surrogate instead of the egg donation, I will feel even more grateful for all of those willing women who are there to help me.


Gluten Free Foods: Dietary Trends

What is a gluten free diet, anyway?  Many of us are starting to see an abundance of new (and sometimes expensive) products adorning the bread shelves of our grocery stores.  Gluten free foods, the newest dietary trend, are becoming increasingly popular as our understanding of how wheat gluten impacts our digestive systems grows.  For people diagnosed with celiac disease, the protein gluten (which is found in wheat, barley, rye and other grains) causes inflammation of the small intestines.  This inflammation is painful, and certainly motivating enough to remove gluten from the diet as a primary treatment option. Gluten Free Foods

Where did this large array of gluten free foods originate? As celiacs started getting proper diagnosis, the demand for gluten free foods increased.  Companies scrambled to meet the demand, but the difficulty of producing gluten free flour substitutes resulted in expensive products that did not taste great.  In recent years, the gluten free diet has began to intrigue people without celiac disease who experience stomach inflammation.  Some of those folks have discovered they are sensitive to the gluten protein without being diagnosed with celiac disease.  However, the initial and recommended purpose of the gluten free diet option is primarily to treat celiac.

For anyone, gluten free dieting is a big change from standard grocery shopping.  In the past, finding acceptable substitutes for all the grain-laden products on the shelves was incredibly difficult.  As this dietary treatment becomes part of the nutritional world, the quality, price and variety of gluten free foods has vastly improved.  The list of allowed foods is a lot longer than you would think.  There are really only a few food products that will agitate the stomachs of those with celiac disease.  Barley, Rye, Triticale, and Wheat are the four grains known to agitate intestinal inflammation.  If you have been diagnosed with celiac, or have intestinal problems that you have not had diagnosed by a proper doctor, it certainly can’t hurt to schedule an appointment to determine if gluten free foods might be part of your future diet.

Logistics and Warehousing for Colorado

Logistics and Warehousing in ColoradoIf you are a large-scale retailer with national transportation lines, you are certainly familiar with the logistics and warehousing challenges presented when navigating through the Rocky Mountains.  Even a skilled and licensed trucker can face massive difficulty and danger when trying to ascend and descend the treacherous mountain passes that are standard fare for mountain travelers.  Any smart logistics team knows that managing travel through the rocky mountains takes careful planning to ensure efficient and safe transportation and distribution of goods.  Many truckers have had to suffer through the catastrophic distasters that accompany strong winds through mountain passes across Colorado, and with proper planning and scheduling those disasters can be reduced and avoided altogether.

The technology and tools we have at our disposal are more than sufficient to reduce the danger and error of transportation and distribution in today’s world.  The logistics power of supercomputers combined with the pinpoint-accuracy of GPS technology enables third-party logistics providers to offer comprehensive solutions to companies with problems in their logistics, warehousing and distribution departments.  There is no excuse for your shipments to arrive late or damaged.  Thanks to the dedicated engineers and technicians designing the logistics systems of the future, we will continue to see safer truckers and more efficient transportaiton for the future.

Without proper logisitics for the warehousing and distribution aspects of your business, your products will not be ready for the shelves when the time comes.  It is critical that you ensure the safe transport of your products to the shelves, otherwise you place your operations at unnecessary risk.